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German Shepherd Retrievers…

24 Jul 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki


We have two German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) – Kyra and Jack. We got Kyra first and she gave us too many reasons to get another GSD. So, we got Jack.

Another very important reason, (which we do not usually tell people) was that we used to get a huge ego boost every time one of us took Kyra out for a walk in the neighbourhood; people moved out of our way when they saw a (supposedly) big, ferocious dog (if they only knew Kyra…). My husband wondered what would happen when we took not one but two Shepherds out for a walk together.  I must confess that the picture rather appealed to me. Being a rather small person it would be immensely gratifying for me to be in control of two big (and supposedly ferocious) dogs.

For all these reasons, Jack arrived on the scene.  Today, both our Shepherds are more than two years old and they have grown up to be rather affectionate and cuddly dogs. We have tried very hard maintain the ferocious image of our GSDs in the neighbourhood; however, that image collapses as soon as people enter the gates of our house and our Shepherds stand up on two legs to welcome them by licking their faces.


Source: dogbreedinfo.com

For a while we wondered if our shepherds were a bit wonky; after all, they’re supposed to be reserved, territorial and other such things. We’re not complaining really but it is a little embarrassing when at the vet’s clinic your 35 kg full grown Shepherd puts her forelegs around your neck and hangs off you like a little kid. After all, the breed has an image to maintain.

I think that part of the reason is that these guys don’t realize that they are big dogs and that they have rather big teeth which they can use to scare people. Hence, they don’t see a problem with cuddling up on the pillow beside me with a leg lazily resting on my person and those big teeth just inches from my face. They also don’t see anything wrong with randomly rolling over on their backs and expecting people to tickle their bellies. (People, visiting us for the first time, of course, run away when our Shepherds try to be affectionate, thereby leaving our dogs wondering if they did something wrong).

We make a lot of jokes about our shepherds being golden retrievers in disguise; but every day, we consider ourselves lucky for having some of the best tempered shepherds there ever were.


Capt Peeyush Nath
congrats for having such lovely dogs..!!post some pics. It would be ncie to see them too.

By: Capt Peeyush Nath | 24 Jul 2010

the title "german shepherd retrievers" made me rather curious ..

nice to read about kyra & jack, my rottweiler is just the same

By: Ravinder | 26 Jul 2010

nice, can u pls post pics of kyra and jack, like to see them

By: | 27 Jul 2010

Kumud Choudhary
Thanks, have posted pictures of Kyra and Jack


By: Kumud Choudhary | 01 Aug 2010

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