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Get Off

Get Off

Get Off, the pet repellent

Do you like it when you come back home after a hard day at work and get cuddled by your dog or cat? They lick you, get cosy with you and try to nibble on your hands, shoes and everything else. Yet you love the warm welcome. However, if they were doing this to any other part of your home, like freshly manicured garden or your bedsheets, or their favourite, the shoe-rack. Most pet owners go mad when they can’t get their pets to stop indulging in their bad habit. But then, dogs and cats are animals at the end of the day. If they were to listen to reason from you, you wouldn’t need human company at all now would you! All you can do in this case is try and break their habit. To assist you in this noble task is Get Off, a brand of repellents that deters pets from going to places where you wouldn’t want them to go.

Coming from a leading European FMCG company, Spotless Group, focused primarily on home care niche markets, Get Off is a part of their pet products range. The company, under the leadership of Pierre Le Tanneur, Founder and CEO Spotless Group, has niche products on laundry care and insect control.Get Off is one of its popular range of products in pet category that effectively stops cat or dog from ‘fouling and territory marking in particular areas of your garden or house’. With its headquarters in France, the company today operates in countries like Italy, the British Isles, Spain, Benelux, Sweden and Hungary.

Get Off products are non-toxic, and are highly effective in stopping a cat or dog from fouling places that are forbidden to them. It could be your carpet, lawn or the flowerbed for that matter. These animal repellents are easy to use. All you have to do is spray it or spread it at a place where you don’t want your pets to go snooping around like your garden, plants and other areas. The strong perfumed odour confuses their sense of smell, making them stop frequenting the place. The Get Off range promises to be effective in the case of the most stubborn of pets. Use it consistently for better results. What’s best is that you can use it in any weather and since it is perfumed, its smell is not offensive to humans. Some of their most popular products are the following:

Cat & Dog Repellent Gel : This gel has jelly like crystals that release a strong odour which confuses the pets. Regular application will help train the pets away from the treated area. Previously fouled areas can also be treated by the same. When using it in the garden, make sure there is no direct contact with soft stemmed plants, grasses and leaves.

Chew Stoppa Spray for Dog & Cat : The bitter tasting formulation of this spray stops your pet from chewing textiles and furnishings at home. You can also use this to prevent your pet from licking its wound. It is effective not just in case of cats and dogs, but also works equally well on rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and other small animals.Dogs have a natural urge to chew and use it as a learning tool. Get Off Chew Stoppa Spray is a completely safe, bitter-tasting formula which will help prevent your pet chewing things it shouldn't like slippers, shoes, sofa, curtains etc. Your dog won't try and chew but won't like the taste or scent and will stop. It is also safe enough to apply to pet wound dressings to prevent licking after medical treatment.

Cat & Dog Cleaner Neutraliser : This does nothing to repel your pet but if you get repelled by the strong odour from a place your pet fouled then you can just use this cleaner neutraliser. It first cleans the fouled area, then neutralises the odour. In half an hour, it will be a treated area. It comes with safety instructions so read them carefully before using.

When there is a pet at home, even the neighbours sometimes complain of your pet having fouled their garden or walkway. For such people too, the Get Off products work equally well.

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