Ghungroo and Lira: Match making through parents

17 Jul 2013 | by | Posted in: Story from Pet Lover

This is a cute love story of two gorgeous toy poodles. Lira and Ghungroo the lead character of this story were acquainted with each other through their parents. Lira is beautiful three year old golden brown poodle and Ghungroo is a pure white five year old toy poodle.  There is a picture perfect family, after their mating Lira gave birth to two handsome little boys named Yahoo and Nunu.

poodle pictureLira and Ghungroo come from different families. Lira parent is Rachna Dogra, a hardworking professional with two grown up kids whereas Ghungroo parent Richa Arora has a little girl. They were introduced to each other through Vizal Atheya, one of the co founders of DogSpot and both the beaming pet parents cannot thank her enough for the pleasure that she has given them.

Rachna and Richa are both professionals but the love for their poodles bond them together. They both are ardent dog lovers. Rachna hails from a family background and she always had dogs around here. Rachana’s family has now grown she has two children, two kids and four dogs as she likes to put it. She did not have the heart to give away the puppies.

Her children live in Bangalore but they refused to give the puppies to anyone. Rachna ‘s association with dogs go a long way. As a kid she had various different breeds in her house. There was a St. Bernard, a local Tibetan dog to name a few. Her parents have retired but their farm still retains some car dogs. She proudly claims that her family was complete when she had two dogs into her family.

Richa also had five dogs before she got married. Her maternal home was never without a pet. In fact they still have a pet at home. Her love of pets has always been there with her, She also had a cat with her for some time, which was rescued after Tsunami hit Nagapattinam.

Both the pet parents came to know about each other pet through Vizal and like any other conventional love story they met each other before they were mated just to ensure and maintain a comfort level with each other. Ghungroo has already mated once with a Chandigarh poodle called Laila but this was his first time as a father. Toy poodles are not a common breed, in fact after their import was stopped it has become all the more rare. So, it was a blessing that these two meet each other.

Lira is the youngest and the kid of the Dogra family Rotor’s old age (her 18 year old poodle) and he needed a companion. She is the baby of the house and this was the first and the last time she got mated. Rachna feels that it is taxing and then she will never have to the heart to part with the litter. Lira is a glutton; she even steals rotor’s food at times.  Lira loves to dress up in flowers and fancy clips. In fact, she refuses to go out without it as well. If they are taking her for a drive then she will wait till the times they put a clip or flower on her.

poodle puppiesRotor is her oldest dog. In fact he is as old as her daughter; both are 18 years of age. Rotor has now started developing cataract but then that’s old age. Once she had a male dog, Rachna got home a female poodle, unfortunately they lost her to distemper. She was specially brought to mate with Rotor but Rotor had other plans. This male dog has taken vow to celibacy. He never went near her and Rachna is sure that this poodle is not fond of girls.

Rotor and Lira are both very different but they are big family. Rachna says that after the litter Rotor behaves like the grandfather. He is possessive about the pups Yahoo and Nunu. No one is allowed to go near the pups other than the family members in fact Lira is not that possessive. During their feed also it is Rotor who makes sure that they are watched for rotor it is the extension of his family.

There are a lot of people who believe that the pet should be neutered or spayed rather than getting mated. Rachna is of a different opinion. She feels that if it is the stray dogs then there can be a reason as the mortality rate is high and it gets difficult to manage if not found a foster care or adoptive parents. She feels that in pets if you can get them mated then why not.

There is a natural instinct among animals to pass on their genes as in with the humans.   One should not try to stop the natural process. It is everyone right whether animal or human to become a father or mother. We as humans should not take that away from them. The same opinion is voiced by Richa as well she is all pro for mating. It is an experience she would love to go again with.

The most interesting thing about the mating process was the urgency that Ghungroo showed. Rachna could was travelling for some official work at that time and it was her daughter who took Lira and she still laughs at the sight of how Ghungroo was jumping to be with her. Rachana says that he did not want to leave her even after they were mated. It was fun to watch. Her daughter had to tightly hold Lira in her lap. Richa could not go because of some prior commitments.

She cannot thank Vizal and DogSpot enough. Lira almost lost her babies it was Vizal who recommended her to take the puppies to Dr Josan in Gurgaon and get them treated immediately. The puppies were breathless. Rachna says that if it was not for her and her advice that they need a ventilator as soon as possible. Lira would not have been able to enjoy her motherhood and the Dogras this amazing addition to their families. Now if you go to the Dogra residence you will be greeted with six happy wagging tails.


simran negi
aawwww sooo cute..r u guys planning to sell a puppy coz im very much interested in buying a toy poodle...if u are then u can email me on

By: simran negi | 20 Jul 2013

Hi simranWe do not participate in the purchase and sell of puppies we request you to visit DogSpot puppies available section for the same

By: Ritwik Mishra | 25 Jul 2013

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