The Growing Debate: Dry Dog Food v/s Homemade Food

16 Sep 2013 | by | Posted in: Nutrition

I keep on interacting with various dog owners on an everyday basis and one of the first questions that play in their mind is whether to keep their dog on a dry food diet or to give them home cooked meals. I have heard people say that my dog likes rice and cereals. There are others that swear the he loves home cooked spicy food.  I just hope that this will help you put a lot of speculations to rest.

Any good dry dog food helps to provide your dog with all nutrients, though home cooked meals are also a high in nutrients. They can at times leave a gap in the nutritional requirement of your pet. as they will not be able to provide you the complete nutrition in every meal. This can result into some serious problems for your pet.

 This result is poor growth in your puppy and at times ill health in your adult dog. There are some homemade ingredients that can be toxic or even fatal for the dog like onion, garlic, chives, avocados and chocolate. Even I find people feeding milk to their dog, little do they realize that if the of is suffering from an upset digestion then he or she is lactose intolerant and milk has to be stopped immediately.

Let us try to understand the food nutrients better. First of All the dog food whether homemade or commercial food is made up of water, protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber vitamin and mineral in different proportion.  These all components together provide support in development process of puppies and maintain general health of adult and senior dog.

Now let me help you understand the use of some nutrients and their advantages in maintaining a healthy dog.  Here I am just taking some major components included in food.

Protein helps in development and growth of organ and ensures strengthening of the coat. In addition to this it will enhance the natural color of the coat. Protein rich food provides support to all vital organ functions. It also helps in turning fat into fuel of cell.

Protein can be made a part of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and can be easily be found within your home.

Dogs are naturally attracted to food that has a high fat content. It is believed that any food with a high fat content attracts the dog towards it. Along with this there is a rich source of Vitamin A, D and K. Fat improves the hair and skin quality as it is fortified with omega 6 and omega 3, which helps in the development of brain in young puppies.

Along with this there is carbohydrates that are essential to maintain a healthy body, when combined with starch this provides the much required energy source.

When we talk about all the essential nutrients minerals cannot be left behind. This helps in the bone formation of your dog and provides the much needed push to the immune system, which helps to ward of diseases.

As a pet owner I I always give dry dog food to my pets. They are a complete food in themselves and do not to be substituted with any food. There is a lot of research that goes in making the perfect dry dog food for your pet. This type of food ensures a harmonious growth of puppy. This is specially important for your puppies as it will help to maintain the fragile digestive system while ensuring that helps in the development of your pet.

 Dry dog food comes in different nutrition formula for different breed at different life stages. The list is exhaustive. There is a specialized food for breeds; there is one that deals with all special conditions in your pet. The aim is simple to ensure complete nutrition for your pet at all times. The kibble size is different for all breeds.

Just as a chef is able to tell the calorie content in his food or recipe, some researchers have formulated them to be the perfect dry dog food for your pets.

My advice to all pet owners out there is to ensure optimal growth of your pet by providing him or her a completely nutrition meal. This can be achieved in both ways but if you are apprehensive about giving your pet only dog food then it can be substituted as a part of the meal as this will help you to maintain the natural luster of its coat and maintain oral hygiene.

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Manav Kukreja
My 14 months german shepherd male is little under weight and weak in growth. I give him chappati's, Royal Canin and boiled chicken two days in a week. Still he is bit weak and touchwood he is not affected by any disease. Plz suggest something for his better growth as I feel he is at his growing age. Thank you

By: Manav Kukreja | 18 Sep 2013

hi manav. my pet's vet suggested the following which we feed our 3 year old labrador since 1 year now. brown rice pressure cooked well with ample water. make two portions. cool and keep one portion in the fridge. take the other one portion

By: suchitra shenoy | 09 Oct 2013

Hi ManavI would recommend that you feed your pet Royal Canin Maxi Junior or German shepherd Junior food. Refer the feeding guideline given at the back of the pack to feed your pet. If you find your pet is weak then you can slightly increase the amount. Even if you are feeding him homemade food the amount of dry dog food should be adjusted accordingly.

By: Ritwik Mishra | 10 Oct 2013

Paul Seamons
Dogs are carnivores, why would you feed them a carbohydrate such as brown rice? This offers nothing to your dogs nutritional needs.Feeding a dog is easy, they need protein from raw meat and bones, liver, kidney heart etc. You just need to replicate what a carnivore eats in the wild. Our dogs have superb health on this diet. We feed no grains (wheat, barley, oats, rice maize etc.) as these are carnivorous aanimals, not herbivores!

By: Paul Seamons | 03 Nov 2013

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