The Guide to House Train your Puppy with ease

27 Nov 2013 | by | Posted in: Training

 Most of the times the puppy arriving in your home is not housetrained and how would he or she be? You will usually get your little pooch soon after he or she is born, in such cases it becomes essential to start with toilet training. This is especially the case when you bring a puppy home till the age group of three months. Even when you bring home a puppy, which is older and is toilet trained, then also you will have to introduce your pet to the place where you want him to do his everyday business. This will help you as well as the dog who is confused to be in his new environment. Try to understand and learn the pattern and the toilet habit of your puppy from the very first day it arrives home. By pattern I mean the time duration that your puppy needs to relieve him or herself. You will need to set a pattern and start following it and take your puppy to the place where you want him or her to soil on the same place.    Read More -   How to Train a Dog

It is very important to keep in mind that not all puppies will take the same time to be toilet trained. There will be some that will take just weeks and then there will be some that might take months to be perfectly toilet trained. So patience is integral when it comes to housetraining your puppy. One of the easiest ways to start training your dog is to take him or her out to the designated area after it is fed.

If your puppy soil the designated area then give him lots of praise; verbally as well as by petting them. So that your puppy understands that this is the right thing to do.  For easy dispose of waste and to train them effectively you can use a variety of products available in the market today. These include a vast range of sprays and training pads.       Read More -  Potty Training Your Dog

There are toilet training liquids which attract the puppy to the sprayed area and make him to do his business. Use this toilet training pad for the easy disposal especially if your puppy is too young to be taken out. So regularly take the dog out for the walk after every three to four hour to avoid messing in the house. For young puppies the time duration can be reduced to one to two hour because they are small and their ability to control the bladder is weak. As they grow up their urinary bladder developes well and so does their ability to control urine and they can control the urine for several hours thereafter. It is advisable to take him out with regular schedule to avoid any health problems later.    

If find your puppy sniffing and going round in circles inside the house then it means your puppy needs to take to the place where he or she can do their business. Rush immediately if you see dog following the above pattern of circle say the word no in firm voice and pick him up take to the place where he can do.          Read More - Tips for Training a Small Dog

If accidently your dog soils inside the house. Use a loud voice and make him understand that he has done wrong. Clean the surface with stain and odor remover to remove odor that make your dog does not soil that place again.


Rani Advani
I have 2 dogs - the older male is a 3 yr old Morkie my brother got from the states when he moved here a year ago - he is not yet toilet trained and pees all over the housei just adopted a stray puppy and she was really good initially and would only pee / poop on the newspaper - but as she is growing older she is smelling the pee of the older dog and peeing

By: Rani Advani | 04 Mar 2014

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