Guide To Getting You First Puppy Home

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Guide To Getting You First Puppy Home |

Being a pet parent to a new puppy is a life-changing decision. A puppy, just like a child, requires our time and effort to understand the world around them. It is our love, care, and patience that will decide how well the puppy would grow up to be.

If you are planning to bring in a puppy to your loving home, there would be a lot of questions that would need to be addressed before you take the big step. Some of the questions that would require greater pondering are:

  • Which Breed - Whether it will be a small dog breed, a medium breed or a large breed of dog
  • Gender - A lot of people prefer male dogs over female, while some prefer female to male dogs. Your decision to choose a male or female dog will be crucial for future.
  • Registered or non-registered dog breed - Whether you would want a puppy which comes with registration papers or one which is not registered.
  • Age of the puppy - Ideally puppies should not be weaned off mothers milk till about 45 days. Mother's milk ensures a stronger immune system for your puppy.
  • Mixed breed vs Pure Breed -Whether you want a pure bred dog or are you okay with a mixed breed dog for your family.
  • Should I Buy from a breeder or a Trader (Pet Shop)? - How about going for an adoption instead?
  • How will I train my puppy?
  • Who will teach me about puppy care?
  • How will youmanage the puppy if you are travelling?
  • Who will look after the puppy if you go to work?
  • If my puppy is a moderate shedder or a heavy shedder?
  • If my puppy is suitable for the weather conditions in my city - For example, A St Bernard or a Husky will not do very well in very warm cities.

These are some of the questions that you will have to consider before you get a puppy. Happy searching!


Pavan Kumar
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