Haircuts To Make Your Poodle Look Smashing

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Poodle, a dog breed that was bred in Germany and later standardized in France, are skillful dogs and very obedient. With a single layer of coat,  Poodles are usually clipped down into lower-maintenance cuts as soon as their show careers are over. Pet clips are much less elaborate than show and require much less maintenance. A Poodle needs grooming, every six to eight weeks. Usually people clip their Poodles  convenient for them. However, for different dog shows  people try out various clips / haircuts. We at DogSpot bring to you some of the most popular Poodle Hairstyles.


Bikini Clip

This is the hairstyle in which the legs and the tail of the dog is shaved as a pom. The length of body hair can vary from short to long based on how the dog owner wants it to be. A Bikini Clip is also known as the Miami clip. This cut is convenient as a part of regular grooming as it helps keep the dog clean and also avoid heat strokes.



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Continental Clip

This is a very interesting haircut where some body parts such as the face or the belly are shaved completely of a Poodle is shaved completely while the rest of the body hair is allowed to grow. The fur on the feet and the tail are grown as Poms. This haircut is usually for people who want their Poodles to participate in dog shows.




Puppy Clip

Puppy clip is another hairstyle that one a lot of Poodles sport. A Puppy clip is often used by owners as a part of regular grooming. Puppy clips are not used for dog shows. This hairstyle that protects dogs from excess heat as  the fur is clipped down to one / two centimeters. The fur on the face is also trimmed down and not set in Poms.





Kennel Clip

This type of haircut is quite popular and is often seen during used in dog shows. The fur on the body of the dog is kept completely short excluding the face and the ears, while the tail should look long with a Pom.





Lamb Clip

Just as the name suggests, a lamb clip is similar to the coat of a lamb. The entire coat on the Poodle is cut short and the hair under the tail is kept really very short for cleanliness purposes. The face and the ears maintains a long coat.




Lion clip

Lion clip as we know it is the basic haircut that can be used on any dog with a thick long coat. A lion clip makes the dog look like a lion, with a thick long coat on the face and neck and the tail whereas the rest of the body has very short or no hair at all.


lion cut


Saddle Cut

This is a haircut which is commonly worn by poodles. Since these poodles have thick long curly hair. The tail and the feet have a fur like gathering  and the rest of the body may have fur or may be left clean. This cut is usually used for dog shows and is one of the most famous poodle hairstyles.

 saddle 3


Corded Coat

One of the rarest of haircuts, a corded coat is the most troublesome haircut a Poodle can sport. In this haircut, the poodle maintains human like dreadlocks on their thick coat. This is a very difficult haircut to maintain as it requires a lot of grooming. Dreadlocks attract a lot of dust and it is extremely cumbersome to groom the fur.


corded cut


Try these haircuts on your pets and share your pictures with us.

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