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Have A Look At These Must Have For Your Pets This Monsoon

16 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

The raindrops have started pelting on the windowpanes in almost every part of the country. This is the advent of the monsoon which is going to continue at least till the next three months.

Monsoons can bring down the temperature considerably bringing relief from the scorching heat but can be quite strenuous for your pet. A lot of you would have pets that enjoy going out in the rain and love the feel of raindrops falling on them but with these raindrops come a bucket of problems. Monsoons is the perfect time for tick and flea infestation.

The moist and hot climate provides the ticks and fleas the perfect conducive environment to thrive and become a constant irritant to your pet.  It does not end here the sticky weather leads to shedding and even results in a lackluster coat for pets. Along with everything there is a constant problem of dirt being trapped in the paws along with various bacteria and microbes, ensuring cleanliness can be a task during this time. Ears also require special attention.

We understand these monsoon woes; as each of us face the same problems within our own home. To help you wade through the monsoons without any hiccup we have some specially recommended products for your pet that will help you to wade happily through the next three month.

Tick and Fleas prevention

Bayer advantix tick and flea

This is the biggest problems with the advent of the monsoons. The hot and humid weather gives the perfect environment for your ticks and fleas to thrive. This will result in constant itching and at times can also lead to your pet cutting him or herself with constant scratching.

There are a variety of products to avoid it our pick for the monsoons will be the spot on treatments such Bayer Advantix Tick and Flea remover and Savavet Fiprofort Plus Spot-on. The application is easy to apply just put some solution on the shoulder blades, back of the neck and a the tip of the tail.


The Wipes from Petkin and Pet Head is a must have product for the monsoons. There will be times when those paws will trap in not only dirt in the house but will also entrap various microbes and infections for your pets that can be troublesome later. The best way to ensure cleanliness is to wipe those parts with these specially formulated wipes that will ensure cleanliness while moisturizing your pet.

Dog Dry Bath Products and Deodorizers

waterless spray

This is a  must have prosducts for pets in the monsoon. The long and wet spells at times make bathing a little difficult for your pet, especially for long hair dogs who take time to dry. In times like these products such as PetHead Dry Clean Waterless Spray Dog Shampoo or Petkin Waterless Spa Shampoo in Vanilla can be a blessing in disguise, their special formulation will remove all odour from your pet, while ensuring cleanliness.


Monsoons brings with it the shedding season. Yes! Believe it or not the monsoons results in shedding in your pet. A regular dose of Beaphar Salmon Oil Supplement and Nutricoat Supplement for Dog will help you to prevent shedding and ensure a soft and lustrous coat for your pet.

Ear Cleaners

cipla oti clear ear

Ear Cleaners are another necessity in the monsoon, especially for pets with longer ears. The monsoons give rise to infections and bacterial growth in the ears as they provide the perfect ground for bacteria. This can lead to irritation and constant itching, if not treated in time it can lead to severe problems as well. This can be successfully avoided by Epiotic Dog Ear Cleanser and Cipla Oti Clear Ear Cleanser for Dog and Cat

Hope this arsenal of products will help you wade through monsoons without any hiccups.

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