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Have you seen this piece by Maneka Gandhi on dog shows?

27 Mar 2009 | by Bibhu | Posted in: Wag News

Dog shows for money makers and charlatans

I detest dog shows almost as much as horse races. No one goes to the races for the horses. They go to parade their strange outfits, drink, bet and network Dog shows bring together all the country’s illegal dog breeders.

These black marketers buy and sell dogs without paying tax, bribe customs to smuggle them in, post shady advertisements on the net and belong in jail – which is where I will put them should I ever have a chance at making a truly pro-India policy Dog show participants are pure evil. They are the reason why so many pedigreed dogs are inbred into strange shapes. You have grotesque experiments like Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle) and Labradoodle (labrador and poodle) which become legitimized as breeds by Dog Clubs in spite of the fact that both suffer from debilitating diseases.

Each species has been invented by killing hundreds of puppies till one matches the right breed specifications. The breed standards of these clubs and shows are peculiar, so tall and no taller, a particular colour. A woman politico from Rajasthan breeds large dogs. When I told her about Gudiya , the blind and deaf albino Great Dane we rescued from a gutter, she said that every second Great Dane pup was born that way and killed because the “rules” allowed only dark colored Great Danes. Breed standards deal only with looks not health.

Source: thepetwiki.com

Most of these animals are desperately sick with genetic defects. They have trouble seeing, some are deaf, some have hip problems, some have enlarged hearts, others can’t breathe. People who buy them as a novelty tire of their sickness and throw them out. They land in shelters, which kill them if they are unable to find them homes. In America alone 3 million dogs are killed every year – all of them pedigreed pooches from breeders.

Would you like to enter a beauty pageant with your ears and tail cut off and your hair in ringlets? Would you want to be turned from happy animal into an acrobat so your owner can charge more money by selling your sperm or babies? Here is what one dog show regular has to say: “ I train them and then get to be judged against others based on how well I trained them. It is such a bonding experience! “ She goes to dog shows to bond ??? Try a bar, instead!

Dog owners claim that if their dogs go willingly to these events. That’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. It’s like saying if rabbits did not want to have their eyes torn out in shampoo experiments they would object to them. Animals are the victims of our folly. “ A dog show is a big fun dog party for them,“ says one owner. Such a great party that all the dogs are tightly tethered the whole day, bark endlessly, have their tongues hanging out with stress and will bite anyone who ventures close, forget mixing or playing.

Champion dogs are not family dogs that are loved and shown off. They are commercial properties. Although the prize money is modest, winning dogs become valuable for breeding purposes. Often they are owned by separate owners who share the stud feeds, kept isolated in kennels so that they won’t become attached to any one person, trained on a daily basis, and carted in crates from show to show. Its shareholders do not even meet him.

There are other deliberate cruelties inflicted in the highly competitive world of dog shows. Experts have exposed the practice of starving dogs in order to meet strict weight limits. Owners confess that they often stop feeding the dog weeks before an event. They even deny the animal water till they have been weighed and then only a little to prevent dehydration. “ I am inundated with owners and judges who say they are seeing dehydrated or malnourished dogs on the scales, all for the sake of a rosette. It sounds funny to think of dogs having the same issues as fashion models but it is a serious welfare issue. For these owners it is all about winning and nothing else". says Beverly Cuddy, editor of Dogs Today,

Source: businessinsider.com

A 2008 documentary called Pedigree Dogs Exposed revealed disgusting dog show practices. This resulted in BBC boycotting Crufts the largest dog show in the world ,in March 2009 . Advertisers have followed suit. Pedigree Foods has withdrawn sponsorship on the grounds that many of the breeds being shown are susceptible to disease and should not be sold or promoted including basset hounds, Clumber spaniels, Dogues de Bordeaux, mastiffs, Neopolitan mastiffs, pekes, bloodhounds, sharpeis, St Bernards, chows, German shepherds, bulldogs and Rhodesian ridgebacks. Although the Kennel Club has promised to review all 209 pedigree breeds in the UK to determine their susceptibility to disease, it has refused to ban any from being shown on the grounds that the breeders and exhibitors would get upset!

America Kennel Club which regulates USA’s dog show industry earns its money from registrations and letting space to producers of dog accessories. The more puppies produced,, the richer the AKC gets, the more dog shows it holds and the more puppies are purchased.

A vicious cycle of greed and cruelty. The AKC claims that its inspectors check out breeders before affiliation is granted. Yet the most despicable puppy millers claim AKC membership. The AKC colludes with breeders to mass-produce puppies. Kennel Clubs support every kind of cruelty. A proposal to regulate dog tethering and make constant confinement an offence has been opposed by the American Kennel Club. A well known breeder of champion show dogs has just been convicted of 60 counts of animal cruelty and ordered to pay $125,000 for the re-homing of 350 animals seized from him.

Because of the lack of any regulation in India, dog shows are growing. They are like a gathering of a mafia as their illegal transactions run into lakhs. The latest show by the Gurgaon Kennel Club (Kennel Club of India) has been charged with cruelty by The International Organisation for Animal Protection (OIPA) who has filed a police complaint under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 . All breeders are required to be registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India. None of the participants were. Nor did the show have AWBI permission for animals to perform. Puppies still feeding from their mothers were put on sale. Foreign participants did not have their dogs quarantined and probably just brought in the dogs to sell. The breeders defended their lack of AWBI registration by saying it is in Chennai. That’s like someone in Chennai not paying income tax because the government is in Delhi.

All that a pedigree certificate certifies is that the parents of the pup are registered with the Kennel Club. Even this record is mostly a sham with many Kennel Clubs selling certification. These sham certificates declare dogs ‘pedigreed’ and push up their prices. The judge at a recent Agra Kennel Club Dog show was simply a man who runs a dog hostel.

Dog shows are not for dog lovers but for moneymakers and charlatans.


Anil @ DoggiesDude
Reply on the above querries raised
1.country’s illegal dog breeders. >> what is the Govt doing on this? People are getting aware of this but has govt plaed its role. forget about purebred, what is being for strays. they are killed coz President car has to pass thru a certain route.

2.experiments like Cockapoo and Labradoodle>> these are not in India. Designer dogs are in USA. so this point is baseless.

3. great dane killed>> this again is a social evil and needs to be stopped.

4.sick with genetic defects. >> these are NOT from good breeders but puppy mills which is MOSTLY owned and supported by politicans.

5. animals used in medical tests are done ONLY after ovt approves it. so not a problem of breeder

6.Most points mentioned here relates to USA . so nothing to be taken seriously.

7. GKC show was done in great spirit and the charges were baseless. A thread was onthat and its closed already. so its just digging out dead issues. AWBI if charging anything anything we should know what benefit we get after paying it. As for Income tax its used for raods and other development. but funds taken for dogs should come back to dog in any positive form.

In all the above thread is a mixture of issues of USA and puppy mills and does not hold any ground here.

Pedigree is same like politicans saying that i belong to XYZ family which has done so much for the country. and got honours (huh?) So pedigree in dog and humans carries weight.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 27 Mar 2009

wht right this women has to preach all this? she is the same women whose son said all tht rubbish in a election meeting at Pilibhit (up).

By: abhay | 27 Mar 2009

Hey i just want to know to madam who say you indian breeder s summgle the dog we ppl are paying for bringing dog in india and to make fame india just like your sports ok it is just a not more than that in which one ppl have to losse the game and one breeder will win and what your govt is doing for indian breeder are they bringing all the best treatments from abroad you want tax right we all breeder will pay but we wants some thing instead of paying tax like deduction at custom department in importing all the things for dog or animals weather it is a machine , live animals ,dog food animal food all the equipments for the need of animals and govt have to provide all the test which so ever are for animals like dna, hip test , eye certification test heart test rate of flow of blood hotler test all the surgery all the medicine

By: MAVI KENNEL | 27 Mar 2009

First tell of How many dog breeder s in india you seen are doing mix breed if it is done most of the its happened by mistake and if female give birth to puppy than its rare chance for puppy to live long because of the biological aspect both have diffrent dna their dna are not matching so how it will success and why indian breeder should banned their breeding why tell us we wants a right decision ok and i think you are not a good animals lover if you are than why dont you provide a good and de best treatments in india and why dont you banned chicken and mutton sale in india and of cow and buffalo also why dogs only why not listen celebrity also like animals and you are the one of them than why you wants to banned

By: MAVI KENNEL | 27 Mar 2009

I think all these points are baseles why not you meet with we breeder and ask for our need than we will tell you in a better way here you mentioned about american kennel club and uk club of dogs cruft dog show so these points are base less and herewnt mention about heart problem and several why dont you try to sort out why pointing us

By: MAVI KENNEL | 27 Mar 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Pedigree is very important thing. its going since centuries. humans are known by caste,creed etc. and so are dogs known by their parents etc. now see in politics itself nearly all of them are pedigreed one. no one came above just on sheer work.Only pedigree of politicans make them look big..so see pedigree matters.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 27 Mar 2009

Pedigree matters a lot like our mom and dad like your / our family in the same way dogs also have a good family not only dogs horses cats mouse each and every live animals have pedigree it depends weather it is winning pedigree or normal like middle class person and rich person thats the de diffrence between a pedigree

By: MAVI KENNEL | 27 Mar 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
see the language used in the original thread. it simply accuses ALL of doing wrong. First ask them if they have kept strays ONLY as pet.NO.. since decades they have imported dogs themself. and what has they done for the stray dogs. number of NGOs run by them is closed ( not providing shelters, etc)

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 28 Mar 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
anyway i am out of this thread now as it look only as attention seekers to me..

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 28 Mar 2009

@ Bibhu, I guess you have put thoughts of Respected Maneka Gandhi here- Does the blog reflects your own thoughts as well?

By: Rana Atheya | 28 Mar 2009

The original article is by Maneka Gandhi and the opinions are entirely hers. As an animal lover, I found the facts mentioned in the article extremely disturbing and wanted to bring it to the attention of the readers. It was none of my intention to cast aspersions on anybody, but just to initiate a debate.

By: Bibhu | 28 Mar 2009

Good Topic! appreciate bringing it up- I got a lot of understanding about both side of the coin

By: Rana Atheya | 28 Mar 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
"The point about posting the piece here was simply to create awareness about an issue, whether it is USA or India."

Any positive things or issues should start at HOME ..so it should be Indian situation based. Its NOT against you but on the content mentioned there which EVERYONE understands is just for ATTENTION GRABBING".

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 28 Mar 2009


"There are three sides to any argument: your side, my side and the right side."

By: abhay | 28 Mar 2009

This is totally up to we guys either we will take it in positive way or in negative way each and every person are include in taking bribe and making money either it is in politic or in other side also see if govt wants tax its good to pay the tax regullary but i think tax payer can put his / her seperate demands otherwise why he / she pay tax what s the need . If tax payer are getting instead of paying tax than its good

By: MAVI KENNEL | 28 Mar 2009

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