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Heartbreaking Story Of A Family Who Lost Their Golden Retriever

22 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

The heartbreaking story is about a family who lost their Golden Retriever pup. The children of the family had been saving their pocket money for nearly one year to bring a fluffy member in their family. Little did they know, that their joy will be short-lived.The day was like a dream when we brought him home, recalls Vaibhav, the youngest in the Singla family. Everyone in the family was super excited and even their father, who was not backing the idea of getting a pet dog liked to talk to the little fella when no one was looking, or so he thought. They named the pup ‘Muffy’.


Image Source: www.drive.google.com

Muffy was cute as he was energetic. He loved to roll around on the floor, chase everyone around the house and two things he loved the most were: spoiling the rugs by peeing and pooping on them and chewing the same rugs and the shoes of each member of his new family.He would often bark at their water bottle and try to fight it as if it were a dog in his Territory. This little fight scene was very amusing to everyone and anyone who watched, recalls an emotional Renu Singla, the head lady of the family.


Image source: www.drive.google.com

But then one day, Muffy didn't eat, the cerelac and the blended yogurt he used to lap in a minute were still full in his bowl. Naturally, everyone was tense and he was taken to a nearby Vet. He reassured them that everything was fine and it was just a case of a little tummy infection. How they wish it was just that.


Image Source: www.drive.google.com

Muffy was injected twice a day for the next three days. His condition didn't improve and he didn't eat anything. On the third day, Muffy fell asleep in his mother's lap and the eldest daughter stayed close to him watching his every move. It was to be his last night as he moved with a jerk and rolled around with his tongue sticking out.

'Our whole world came crashing down', says an inconsolable Himika.


They rushed him to the hospital and the vet tried to revive him but all in vain. The three kids of the Singla family cried to sleep that night. Muffy was cremated the next day and buried with his favorite toys and bones. The family erected a tombstone which read: Here rests Muffy, a beloved pup, son and a friend.

Loss of a friend's life is an irreparable loss, it is harder when the person who has departed is a member of the family. The family still feels the lingering pain but Muffy lives on in their memories. They visit his grave to meet him and always leave a rose there and tell him, ‘Muffy, you will never be forgotten’.

Share your own stories of heartbreak you felt when you lost your furry friend. Remembering all the funny and adorable things s/he did will surely bring a smile on your face.

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