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21 May 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

dr-satbir-josanHard work and genuine love for the pets are the two things that are synonymous with Dr. Satbir Singh Josan and are the two pillars that have ensured such success for him in the past decade. What started as a small clinic in 1997 has gone to be one of the most renowned clinics in Gurgaon, with its state of art of diagnostic facility and efficient diagnosis that ensure speedy recovery of pets.


In fact, this is not restricted to the residents of Gurgaon only but he gets patients from across Delhi and NCR. Dr Josan at present shuffles his time between his two clinics in Gurgaon. This ambitious veterinarian had humble beginnings and graduated in veterinary sciences from Hissar where he specialized in small animals he also has a postgraduate degree in veterinary surgery.


Read on to find out more about this exceptional professional’s story as well has his daily experiences. He will also be sharing some information about his clinical facility in addition to his opinion of the current situation in India with respect to pets.


DogSpot: How did Satbir Josan choose the veterinary field?


Dr. Josan: I originally come from Punjab, where my parents had agricultural farms. The farm allows us to keep a variety of animals. In fact now when I think about it we had quite a menagerie at home. We had camels, buffaloes, cows, poultry as well as dogs.


Having being brought up with animals around me I was fond of them and knew a little about their upkeep as well, soon this hobby and inquisitiveness developed in passion after I completed my degree in veterinary sciences. I started with humble beginnings around 1997 from Vasant Kunj and  then set up a clinic in Sector 23, Gurgaon the journey has enthralling and remarkable ever since then. There has been no looking back, with the undaunted support of our patrons we have now opened a second clinic in DLF City Phase IV.


DogSpot: What kind of clientele do you get in your clinics?


Dr. Josan: My clients is a good mix of people for both the clinics, though there are more expats that come to the clinic that is situated in DLF and the Sector 23 has a good mix of people from every genre.


DogSpot: You specialize in surgery and would have seen many pets and pet owners through difficult times? Is there some case that you will like to share with us?


Dr. Josan: We perform numerous surgeries on day to day basis. The most common being spaying and neutering operations. Along with this stones and tumors require surgery and we get regular patients for the same. I worked as a consultant surgeon in Delhi also in my yesteryears, when I started practising. These days most of my time is consumed in shuttling between my clinics.


Though, there are these two unique incidents that I categorically remember to this day. One of them was of a seven month old dog that came to us with telescoping of the intestines; the dog had to go through surgery as we had to cut at least one feet of his intestine. These operations are always tricky. We had to cut a portion of the intestine and then stitch it back as well. I am happy that today that dog is seven year old and leading a healthy life.


The other case, which is the most unique in my career and has itched a lasting memory in my mind is of a 40 day old Pug that had stones in the bladder. This was a very rare case as I am yet to see a pup as young as this one to have stones. It had to be treated immediately but the survival chances were really less. The biggest challenge for us in the surgery was the anaesthesia, whether the pup will be able to take it or not. It was a one and half hour surgery but the results were fruitful. Not only did the pup survive but is a proud five year old dog now.


DogSpot: What kind of pets do you get?


Dr. Josan: We have clients from various walks of life; with their individual preferences. Hence, we see a variety of pets. I see a lot of birds and cats but I would have to say that over 90 per cent of patients are dogs.


These days a lot of people have started keeping exotic breeds as well whether it is cats, dogs or birds. There are a lot of new breeds of dogs that are coming up in India now. I have seen a lot of people now keeping Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamutes, which were not common earlier.


DogSpot: We humans have started developing a lot of lifestyle diseases, are there any that are associated with the dogs as well?


Dr. Josan: Yes, even dogs have been affected by these so called lifestyle diseases. One of the most commonly found disease in dogs these days is diabetes, one of the main reasons for this is lack of carbohydrate in the diet and less of exercise. Sometimes, unintentionally we do not give our pets the required exercise, which is necessary for their well-being.


Lack of exercise and improper diet has also given rise to kidney failures in pets in recent times. Though there are times this can be owed to the genetics but most of the times the reasons remain the same. Liver problems have also started surfacing in pets the reason for this is the rise in obesity for pets. Obesity can also lead to cardiac trouble in pet along with arthritis that mostly affects them if not exercised properly.


DogSpot: How do you see the animal medicine in India? What improvements do you want to see in the coming years?


Dr. Josan: The animal medicine genre in India is growing but when we compare it with the markets in the developed countries then this is still in its infancy. As compared to the last five years things have become better. There is a wide variety of medicines available in India but there is a need to bring in more. There are various hindrances to the same one of the most common is the regulations involved in licensing.


There is still a wide gap that needs to be filled there are medicines missing for some very common ailments such as thyroid and kidney failure. We do not have many specialised practitioners hence the gap in the medicines and vice versa though with time this is bridging fast.


DogSpot: What facilities does your clinic offer to pet parents?


Dr. Josan: Our Laboratory ‘Iddex’, is especially formulated for dogs. Our equipments and test methods have been specially crafted to cater to dogs. At the moment we offer tests for thyroid and kidney. The cost of running these labs is very high as they involve dry technique methods.


DogSpot: What all new facilities can the pet owners expect from your clinic in coming years?


Dr. Josan: In the coming years we would include birds in our scheme of plans as they are a lot of pet owners who keep this exotic variety but not enough facilities or practitioners. In addition to that we will try to incorporate various facilities such as radiography, ultrasound along with endoscopy and doppler tests for dogs. This will help us in diagnosing the ailments better and will also help to prevent fatal conditions in the pets later.


DogSpot: What message will you like to give our reader?


Dr Josan: The message I would like to give all pet owners is to give their pets a good quality of life, give them enough love and you will be rewarded with unconditional love from all ends. This is has to be accompanied with healthy food and regular exercise. This has to be supported by a general health checkup for all adult dogs every three months.


Once your dog is five years, it is very important to get a complete blood check-up done once a year to ensure a healthy life and to keep a check on some of the common ailments that if not treated on time can be fatal for your pets.


Stay tuned for more vet stories!

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