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Here's How Adopting a Senior Doggo Can Change Your Life

05 Nov 2017 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs

Whendogs are in their twilight phase, their love doesn't diminish,it shines bright enough tomake youforget all your worries, with years of experience theybecome mature andare better at showcasing their feelings ofaffection andgratitude. Bringing a dog home in its golden years isnothing less thangetting your hands on a treasure. Whenyou willlook into their eyes, don't blame them if ayou catch yourself lost in their luminosity and tenderness. Their eyes reflect many tales, tales that are full of hope and inspiration. By choosing an older animal you are truly saving a life. Its heroic to see beauty and love where others often dont even bother looking and give and older dog a second chance to live out the rest of his or her life with dignity and love. The fact that a doggo is homeless atold age doesn't attest that it has any flaws, it simply shows that a human has denied the privilege of keeping an angel in their life, you should be smart enough to not ignore this opportunity. If this isn't inspiring enough then here is the most-basic-list of reasons as to why the experience of having an old doggo is nothing less than getting a puppy home and is so much more.

A dog is capable of bringing Spring in your life even in the Autumn stage of their life. Choose to adopt them to embrace the journey of pristine love.

They are Less Demanding:

In comparison to a puppy,senior dogs are calm and less demanding.While many older dogs enjoy a brisk daily walk, theyre also content to nap and to cuddle, and can fit into many households with ease. Most grownup dogs dont require the constant monitoring and ongoing training that puppies need, so theyre a good choice for older people or busy families with young children.

Theyare Already Trained:

Most older dogs have already mastered training basics. They know shoes are for walking not chewing, and mats aren't meant for peeing. A senior dog has learned many of lifes lessons already, and they are quick to understand what youre asking from them. Older dogs, especially those who have once experienced love and affection, will try to please you by being obedient and showing good house manners. It is not a big task to teach them new tricks.

They Fit-in Easily:

Getting a puppy or adolescent dog is always somewhat of a gamble. Genetics and socialization both play big roles in the overall temperament your dog will have as adult, and a senior dog already has its temperament established. So if you meet a sweet, laid back older dog, you can expect that he will keep that same temperament for the rest of his life.
BONUS POINT OF HAVING THEM :Many of us live busy, hectic lives. Often times, exercisingthe dog can fall to the bottom of the to-do list. With a senior dog, exercise is still important, but it will take shorter and less intensive exercise to fulfill his activity needs. Senior pups still need regular exercise, but they wont want to run a marathon every day and are often content taking it easy.

"Growingold is mandatory but growing up is optional", as a matter of fact, a dog's heart never really grows old, you can always spoil them with unconditional love. Every dog deserves a chance to know the love of a forever family, It all depends on you. Take an itsy-bitsy step to care for them and they will shower abundance of love onto you.

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