Here's How Gurgaon Resident Nisha Uses Bowen Therapy To Treat Doggies With Variety Of Health Problems

26 Aug 2017 | by | Posted in: Health

Does your dog, cat, or other animal have an injury, limited mobility, neurological problems, or listlessness ? Chances are good that Gurgaon's Nisha Jaggi can help.

 Laila relaxing during her Bowen session

Nisha runs Revive with Bowen , a service that uses a holistic approach to help  pets with a variety of physical problems using a painless, non-invasive technique called Bowen therapy. Bowen Therapy  is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that enables the body to heal itself by using the body's innate healing mechanism for everyday health issues as well as life / lifestyle threatening health issues.

Alisha@k9 school


When asked how Bowen Therapy is beneficial for canines, Nisha mentioned ''Bowen Therapy works on a canine's emotional, mental and physical levels. To name a few, Bowen Therapy treats respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, ear and skin problems, injuries, arthritis and various muscle, bone and nerve disorders, behavioural and emotional issues. It does wonders for canine kidney health and other hormonal issues, hyperactivity, incontinence etc.''

“We don't manipulate anything,” Nisha explained. “It puts the body into rest and repair. The body is quite amazing. It can heal itself.”

Nisha, a trained Bowen practitioner, first learned this method for treating people from Bowtech New South Wales Australia for Humans. When she learned that it could be used on animals, she did additional training from New South Wales Australia for Canines and Equines.

The Bowen Technique is one of the fastest growing complementary therapies in Australia and Europe. ''It is extensively used in Australia and Europe and is a regular treatment form for canines.There are many successful canine Bowen therapists in these countries.'' Nisha said.

If you take this therapy for your pet, do you still need to go to a vet? 'The system of Bowen Healing compared to traditional veterinary practices are completely different. A veterinary diagnosis can assist a Bowen Therapist in carrying out the necessary Bowen procedures.'' Nisha mentions.

With animals, it's been very successful with paralysis. Also it can help with elderly dogs and give them some vitality. It helps organ issues as well.”” she said, adding that it also helps with rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

Romeo getting his session

She currently visits the ailing dogs home or they visit her for the treatment. As far as future plans are considered, Nisha plans to open a Bowen Therapy Clinic early next year in Gurugram.

A treatment generally lasts between 30 to 45 minutes, and its recommended for the owner to stay with their pet during the session so that the dog is comfortable & more receptive to the treatment.

'“Currently I am treating 20 - 25 dogs, Sometimes the change can be quite spectacular, she says. In one of her cases, Simba is a 13 year old Labrador who was bedridden because of severe arthritis since the past six months. After 10 sessions of Bowen therapy, today Simba walks, runs and is as active as any other dog.” Nisha added

Simba Before Bowen Therapy

Simba after his Treatment

“It's very humbling and rewarding to see what it will do and how it can help,” Nisha said.

To learn more about Revive with Bowen and how Bowen therapy can help, visit her Facebook page at  or call her at .9810039333

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