Here's To The Doggie Bow Wow Weekend at Nag Tibba Trek & Tails on Trails

19 Sep 2017 | by | Posted in: Travel

I am Baxter, a furball, Amy's 3years old baby. She is a kind and loving girl. She feeds me food on time, takes care of my water bowl and treats me with my favorite snack. But still, I wish I could spend more time and go on a vacation with her. I am fun and all I want to do is fun. But how? I am not allowed everywhere and so, she has to drop me at a hostel every time she goes on a trip with her friends. This breaks my heart and she knows that. But to make it up to me, what mommy did this time completely surprised me. She promised to take me on an adventurous mini vacation with her to a peak known as Nag Tibba.

Thanks to Tails on Tails on Trails  of this brilliant idea. Woof woof, I was super excited to trek and make new friends!!!

Before going, a personalized diet plan was sent for me keeping in mind my general food routine. Also, Amy made me exercise (as directed by the tails on trails team she said) regularly in order to prepare me physically and mentally, as this was my first experience of putting my paws on a mountain. I went through a special health checks up too.

Amy packed all my stuff including food bowl, blanket, treats, and my favorite toy. I entered inside an AC bus, and was so happy to meet other excited pooches- Joyo (10 months old Golden Labrador), Kaiser (3 years old German Shepherd), Sherry (5 years old Golden Retriever) and Snoopy (9 years old German Spitz). It felt home to me. I sat on the seat next to mommy for some time, and later I chose to take a power nap on the mattress that was placed on floor of the bus. My comfort was a major priority and that bus was modified according to that. There were other hoomans too who were talking to me in a cute and funny way, I couldn't understand why. Also, there was this one hooman, who appeared to me the same kind of man who regularly punctures mewith his long needles. Amy calls her ‘vet'. I don't like him much, but this one was not bad. He patted my head and gave me a chew stick.

Keeping in mind our need to explore tyres of unknown cars and lamp posts, and pee after every few hours, we took few stoppages. The pawsome trip had just started, and I was already in high spirits!!!

Next day early morning, my new friends and I were served mouthwatering breakfast in Dehradun. We continued our journey for next few hours till the lunch time. After finishing our meal, an energy drink was also given to my four-legged friends and me.

Finally, we started to ascent towards a scenic place which Amy referred to as the base camp. It was my first experience of climbing a mountain. At first, I was a bit scaredbut after some time I started to enjoy. Although I was on leash, but still I felt free and not less than a royal prince. Far from city's pollution, breathing amidst greenery and fresh air made me jump with joy. I was enjoying each and every moment of trekking. I had everything that I need for a purrfect life- Amy, adventure, the companionship of other pooches and friendly hoomans.

After an hour or so, I was exhausted due to the uneven terrain and intense hot weather. Amy got to know this and she made me rest for a while. Apart from her, the hoomans, who were calling themselves ‘volunteers', were so affectionate towards all my friends. They gave us water and a relaxing massage too. After regaining energy, we began again to reach the Nag Tibba base camp that is located at analtitude of 7,627 feet. I couldn't wait to reach there and see the amazing view from the top. I was thrilled to see something different this time, something which I had never seen before, something unusual from a park or road.

Trekking for nearly four hours finally took all of us to our destination. It was the purrfect moment when we reached. I witnessed the best sunset ever. I could see clouds of different shapes and sizes at my eye level. Oh wait, you realize what did that mean? I was actually standing at the matching height of clouds!!! I could see beautiful mountain ranges as well. There was greenery all around. I was in love with the place. I had never thought that I could experience the real colors of nature's beauty. And you know what, the day was still not ended as a lot was arranged especially for me and my poochmates.

As we sat down after the tiring day enveloped with stars and clouds below us, I thought about the first river I saw today, friends I made (goats and sheeps included). Mommy was feeling a bit cold, but was fine because of my thick fur and jacket over it. The hoomans were singing, dancing, and probably having the best time of their life like me. After having scrumptious dinner and stargazing for a while, it was time for bed. For the first time, I was sleeping in between the hills, in a tent, with Amy by my side. By taking me on this trip, she showed me how much she cares for me. I know she loves me the most, but by gifting me this holiday, she made it clear that I am her darling. Probably, this is what hoomans call ‘king-size life’. I just couldn’t ask for anything else.

Next morning, I woke up with the first rays of sun. I had the best sleep and was full of energy to run after butterflies and chirping birds. After having a light breakfast, we started 1.5 km trek from the base camp to reach Nag Mandir. Thanks to my supersonic hearing that helped me in listening to whatever those humans were discussing.

The whole journey felt like a victory. Capturing innumerable fond memories in my heart, I returned with Amy and everyone else to Pantwari where the bus was waiting to take us back to our homes. The engine started, and I had already started missing the trail, mountain, birds, butterflies, trees, and most deeply my adventure streak.

This trip with hoomans and my poochmates gave me feelings that I didn't even know I had. I never thought that my paws were so powerful. I didn't know what I was capable of until Amy took me out there in the mountains. And the best part was that my comfort and happiness were of utmost priority.

And who made all that happen? Tails on Trails. A name that promises a wonderful vacation by ensuring that hooman's best friend feels like a king.

Most importantly, all the money collected is donated for a good cause. From this trip, ToT was able to donate a hefty amount of Rs.15,000 to Friendicoes- A Delhi based NGO that works for stray animals. What can be better than being a part of something noble like this?

Follow Tails on Trails on Facebook for regular updates on Trips with your poocchie . And well well there is a Snow Trek happening next month :D

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