Here's Why You Should Get Your Pets Licensed This Sunday In Bangalore

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Third CPC Pet Dog Licensing Drive on Sunday 22ndApril 2018,

From 9AM to 11 AM at the Dog Park at Cubbon Park(Next to State Central Library), Bangalore

Here's Why You Should Get Your Pets Licensed This Sunday In Bangalore

“The Cubbon Park Canines” (CPC) in association with “BBMP” is organizing a special drive for Pet Parents in Bangalore to get a pet licence issued to their four legged family members. Bangalore is touted to be the most compassionate city in India, with the kindest, pro-rescue pet lover community. Pet Licensing is mandatory in most Indian cities, although still an opt-in in Bangalore. This is a public service initiative of the Cubbon Park Canines(read CPC License petition) to benefit both the human and pet eco system & encourage responsible pet parenting, proper city pet census, healthy & vaccinated pets as well as yearly renewals. All that the pet parents have to do is carry originals (and photocopies) of up-to-date pet vaccination records & the pet parents address proof & govt. issued ID. The BBMP charges a Licence fee of Rs. 110/-and has a simple form to be filled up. If the pet vaccinations are current, the pet is not physically required, just the documents.

Here's Why You Should Get Your Pets Licensed This Sunday In Bangalore

The previous drives have been huge successes and clearly show how enthusiastic & responsible Bangalore’s pet parents are. While the entire BBMP registration in 2016 was 200, CPC crossed over 235 dog licenses in just a few hours in its first pioneering pet License drivein July 2017. Overall, about  550 licenses have been issued  through this, as well as a second drive in Sahakar Nagar August 2017  & a partner event at Domlur Dog Park. Parents could input the data online at .

There is also a free medical check-upby Cessna lifeline for the drive. In addition in case your pet is not vaccinated, Cessna will do this at a greatly subsidised cost. Please note that vaccination is necessary for getting a Licence.  Indies & rescued dogs will get a further discount on the vaccinations.

Everyday we hear stories of lost or missing dogs & frantic pet parents running helter-skelter to find them. If a dog has an id tag, which carries their name, their parents name and phone number, then the chances of the pet being reunited is greatly increased. CPC has given away over 3500 free plastic dog tags & pioneered the free id tag campaign (#DogTagged not #Doggone ..#NoMoreLostDogs). Keeping this in mind the Cubbon Park Canines has tied up with Glenands to generate subsidized Pet ID Tags on the day of the drive. In an effort to ensure a cleaner Bangalore, poop scoops & biodegradable pet poop bags will also be available.

Here's Why You Should Get Your Pets Licensed This Sunday In Bangalore

Why should I get a license for my dog?

  1. It is the responsible, civic thing to do. BBMP has recommended registering & licensing your pet and it is only a matter of time before it becomes mandatory like in other cities like New Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai, as per Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) notification. In fact, just a few months ago due to enforcement of this law in Hyderabad an unregistered pet was taken away from his loving family & impounded under the charges of illegal possession of a pet.  Why wait until the rush when it becomes mandatory and risk your unregistered pet being impounded? Get it done NOW.
  2. By getting your pet registered you are helping to build up a database for pet dog census. In the eventuality of a lost or stolen pet, it will be easier to track a licensed/registered dog. BBMP is also happy to explain the rules & framework for dog ownership.
  3. If all pets are registered, in case a pet owner behaves irresponsibly or does not own responsibility for his pet biting another person/dog, it becomes easier to file a complaint. People with unlicensed dogs will carry a greater liability.
  4. Getting a dog license is contingent on demonstrating an up to date vaccination record. A licensed dog is therefore a vaccinated dog and mandatory licensing will thus ensure mandatory vaccination. It will make the city safer & healthier for you and your pet.
  5. A valid pet license will curtail those Apartment Associations who have illegally banned pets. Many pet parents living in apartments have complaints about how apartment associations are often inimical to pet owners and try to find ways to forbid people from keeping pets. Due to this illegal pressure, many pet dogs have perforce been given up, creating a tragic situation for the families, rescuers & the dogs. Having a pet license under these circumstances makes sure they cannot use this as an excuse.
  6. Last but not the least, is the issue of breeders & puppy mills. The Rs 110/- Pet Licenses are only for legitimate pet owners . Breeders (whether kennels or home breeders ) require a separate breeders license as per AWBI notification. These registration drives can also be used to keep track of breeders, valid licenses and the dogs’ health condition. This will contribute to deterring illegal and unhealthy breeding practices as well as a safer, more compassionate city.
Here's Why You Should Get Your Pets Licensed This Sunday In Bangalore

Cubbon Park Canines

Cubbon Park Canines was founded by Priya Chetty-Rajagopal (under The CJ Memorial Trust) and has grown to over 10000 community members (with a waiting list of another 10,000!) on Facebook in Bangalore. This self funded, volunteer-led CPC group are most visible in facilitating the smooth functioning of the #DogPark at Cubbon Park, touted to be the best free Dog Park in the country. The Knights of Cubbon Bark, as volunteers are humorously known,  serves the Park Dogs (better known as  the famous ‘Parkies’) , ensuring they are healthy, vaccinated & cared for, and also  disseminating pet care, crowd-sourcing & sharing best pet practices, training (especially for children),  information, in addition to often being a reluctant platform for rescues, emergency medical care, fundraising , fostering & adoption of  dogs & cats. The community is responsible for lifting the ban of dogs to Cubbon Park, is strong on responsible pet ownership, #adoptdontshop, #proneuter, #proIndieDogs & against commercial activities or sale of pets.  CPC is robust community,  and bustling with activity on a daily basis.

CPC greatly appreciates the BBMP Animal HusbandryDirectors & Vets led by AD (East) Dr Bajantri Malappa & team who have given up their team’s precious Sunday to help pet parents.


Priya Chetty-Rajagopal Kappan

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