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History Of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

12 Jun 2012 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

The original "Plantation Dogs" were historically used on the large southern plantations in the state of Georgia in the United States. These dogs were mastiff and bulldogs type local and European breeds that were brought in by the plantation owners to guard the slaves that were working on the plantation as well as protect the house from intruders and wild animals such as cougars, coyotes and wolves.They are not the same breed as American Bulldogs and not to be confused with them, although the pre-registry Alapaha stock included many dogs also found in the American Bulldog's breed ancestry.The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Association Club states they were founded in 1979.Lana Lou Lane is largely credited with establishing Circle K Kennels that made the applications to have the breed registered with the American Rare Breeds Association in 1986.Earliest evidence of this club/registry is in California in 1989 run & opened by Raoul Trevoy Coleman owner of CRK Kennels as verified by paid business search; between 1979-1989 there is no evidence of registered dogs, offspring, breeding , photographs, or documented history of dogs or people between this time of 1979-1989In 2009 controversial videos have surfaced featuring the owner/president of the club and owner of Cattle Rustler Kennels that has been deemed by some as abuse and others as schutzhund training.The first awarded conformation/working titles as Champions to the ABBB breed is first working titled dog(male) 2005 Ch Irondog GDT and IDT3 Warlock owned and handled by Ariel Cortez of Texas USA, conformation dog(male)IABCA 2009 Ch.Ironman and first conformation bitch(female) IABCA 2009 Ch.Rogue, both conformation champions owned and handled by the Scharfe family in Ontario Canada.Before 1986 no Alapaha Bulldogs where registered and hence not considered a pure breed, until the Lane family of Rebecca Georgia having and been breeding these dogs for over 80 yrs, of Southern United States registered this rare breed with ARF, one of the oldest registries in the United States of America.


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