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Home Alone: Train him to stay alone for a while

28 Mar 2013 | by | Posted in: Training

In today's fast paced lifelife it is a relief to come home to a furry little friend. He takes away all the anxiety and frustration that a day at work can build up.However it is also the reality of the modern life style that you dear pet has to be left alone at home sometimes, for a few hours.

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but he does not that easily understand his friend’s world. A dog can have severe problems coping with staying alone. Home Alone----always brews trouble!!

You have to appropriately train him to be able to manage for a couple of hours without hurting himself or disturbing your neighbours.Remember you cannot call him to know if things are holding up fine!! So we need to be extra careful.

The training is simple and coupled with a few precautions it can help you and your pet smoothly handle the time spent apart.

Now let us look at what issues may arise when you are away:

1. Your dag may be anxious and feel unsafe

2. He may bark and disturb the neighbourhood

3. He may get bored and destruct things at home

4. He may feel hungry or the need to relieve himself

Now let us look at what are the basic things we can do to solve these issues.

Dog-proof your home: It is very important to dog proof your home. When he is alone at home he would have greater freedom to explore and may end up hurting himself. Dog-proofing a house is absolutely necessary.The equipments are easily available and you can fit them yourself or ask a carpenter/electrician to do it for you.

Crate-Train your dog: In case you cannot dog-proof your home then you need to crate train your dog. Then you can leave him in his crate for 2-3 hours. However, crate training needs time and do not leave him in the crate for more than 2-3 hours.

The size of the crate should be bigger than the size of you pet. There should be enough space for him to stretch to his full height and length. He should be able to stand up and lie down comfortably. The crate can be made of plastic or wood and be careful that there aren’t any sharp edges.

You can leave his chew toys in the crate for him.Also you can make him a comfortable bed inside the crate.

Exercise Before you leave exercise your dog. After an exercise your pet would be tired and would easily fall asleep. An exhausted pet is less likely to bark,dig or destroy.

Safe-Haven Dogs are very brave but when you are away it may scare him.So provide him with a safe haven where he can go and rest.Make him a nice bed or a warm basket where he can cuddle up.Make sure you leave him some toys for sure.

Food: Never leave your dog hungry. Take him to relieve himself and feed him before. Once he is full he his less likely to create a chaos.

Distraction: Your dog may get easily distracted by the sound coming from the neighbourhood. He may start barking.To get his mind off the sound leave a music system or the T.V on. The sound inside the house would keep his mind occupied.

Leave the dry treats around the house so that there is scope for activity when your dog is bored. Also leave his chew toys around.

Leave without a fuss: Go and come back without  fuss. Do not say goodbye to him,just walk out as a matter-of-fact. The arrival should be casual as well.No exuberant greetings when you come back.He should get a feeling that you were around and not that you had left him alone to fend for himself.

These should ensure that you can leave your dog alone safely for sometime.  Read more article on
Crate Training

However you should always remember not to leave your dog alone for a whole day.If you are going to visit a friend for the whole day take him with you.Alternatively get a dog walker or take your pet to a day care centre.

If your pet is unwell its better not to leav ehim alone. Staying alone may aggavate his condition.

There are drugs available to handle serious separation anxiety. But always remember drugs do not cure the problem, proper training does. May you and you pet handle these little periods of separation efficiently!! All the best!


Caring for your dog: Dr.Fogle

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