Hong Kong Dog Poisoning: Thrill In Killing Dogs - Over 200 Dogs Dead

06 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

The dogs began to experience diarrhea, violent convulsions and vomiting.

If this isn't animal cruelty, then what is.It is one of the saddest news for dog lovers. Simply imagining those kind-hearted innocent dogs going through such trauma hurts infinitely.

The dogs were rushed to vets where some died. The incident, which took place in the city late last month, is the latest in a decades-long poisoning campaign that has sent hundreds of animals to a gruesome death, and baffled police and animal support groups.


This wasn't the first time. The Hong Kong Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has recorded 66 cases of suspected dog poisoning on Bowen Road and nearby Black’s Link since 2003, including 14 dogs that have died. The group says that since the killings began in the late 1980s, the number of dogs killed may total 200 or more.

Dogs have been poisoned all over Hong Kong, but Bowen Road’s central location — on a hillside lined with parks, shrines and elegant mansions that offers sweeping views of the city’s skyline — has meant that the cases there have attracted the most attention. Chris Patten, Hong Kong’s last colonial governor, almost lost his Norfolk terrier Whisky after the dog ate poisoned bait left along the road in 1997.


Officials still don’t know who is responsible. Some investigators believe that whoever is behind the poisonings gets a disturbed thrill from taking a life.

There seems to be a lot of difficulty in catching the culprit “There’s only been one successful prosecution, because this is done in a covert way,” said Danielle Baber, the deputy chief officer for the Hong Kong S.P.C.A.’s inspectorate. “Unless there’s a witness to something, particularly somebody putting bait out, it’s difficult to find a suspect. And whether it’s the same person or copycats, that’s difficult to say.”


The bait is usually a piece of chicken or pork laced with commonly available pesticides, which the S.P.C.A. warns can cause “vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, breathing difficulty, convulsions, collapse and, in some cases, death.”

The motives are not clear. Theories include fear or hatred of dogs, or annoyance at owners who don’t clean up after their pets. Part of Bowen Road is car-free, and people often walk or run with their dogs there.

Warnings and greater surveillance seem to have helped reduce the frequency of the poisonings, but they have not stopped. A new poisoned body is found every alternate day.

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