Horrors of The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

12 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

A festival is an event where people enjoy and have a good time. But if that good time is at the expense of someone else’s pain then it is not such a festive festival. What is even more saddening is when the pain is being inflicted upon mute animals who cannot even reach out to an institute to hear their plea. This is exactly what happens in the 10-day long festival held annually in Yulin, a city in China where 10,000-15,000 dogs are consumed during the span of the festival. maxresdefault The festival is a historic ritual performed in China for the past 400 years and the people who take part in the festival believe that eating the dogs will fend off extreme heat in the summers. Pathetic. The people also claim that the dogs are sacrificed “humanely” and that consumption of dog meat is no different than consuming “Pork or Beef”. dog-days-of-yulin-1413235677974 The dogs used for meat in this festival are not farm sources as one might think. They are generally stolen and are taken on the long foodless, waterless journey to the festival where they are then slaughtered and eaten. They are mercilessly beaten or cut through the groin or neck and left to bleed out. It has also been reported that due to the scale at which the dogs are killed, they may at times put into boiling water while they are alive. 25-China-Dog-EPA Social media, Local media, and International media have all voiced strong criticism against the holding of such brutal torturous event and calling it a festivity. This has resulted in strong fall in the number of dogs slaughtered from 10,000 to 1,000. The trend has been a continuous fall in the participants of the ‘Yulin Dog Meat Festival’ from 2013 and we sincerely hope that it comes to a halt this very year. yulin-dog-meat We request all of the readers to reach out to the social media they use and #stopyulinforever and #stopyulin2016 to spread the word and save a life.

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