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How To Start A Dog Kennel

13 Mar 2008 | by | Posted in: Kennels


Source: highdogkennel.com

When I started dog breeding I read in a book "If you want to make money out of dog keeping, rather go for equine keeping". I took it as a joke then but time made me believe it. I have learned that Dog Keeping is less a business and more of a hobby. A hobby filled with passion and glory.

I am happy that I learned what not to do to be a successful dog kennel. Passion of dog keeping and minting money out of it may take birth due to many reasons. Many a times it’s you near friend who has inspired you, sometimes its neighbor’s envy, and rarely its true love towards dogs.

Professional dog keeping starts from the choice of breed. Variety of breeds doesn’t go well in dog keeping. This is because every dog breed has different behavior. Different breeds may not go along well with each other. Another important point is that the breed should suit you, your family and the facilities. For example: If you do not have a large area than you should go for small breed. Large breeds need lot of space and running area. If you have kids and guests visiting frequently you may not like to keep any breed that is not friendly with strangers and children such as Lhasa Apso.

I have seen many kennels shutting down just because they started with many breeds. Every breed is special and needs attention likewise. Another mistake which people make is of starting from buying bitches. Now first mistake was several breeds and second all bitches; both combined is a disaster. One bitch is in season and you need to take her out at the stud’s place, may be the other one is whelping which needs special attention. I have seen many kennel owners relying on servants in such situation. But as I said earlier that breeding is an art, and servants may not know how to save a dying pup or how to help your bitch’s first mate.

Ideally one should identify one breed to start with. If you have some dog keeping background you can go up to max 2 breeds to start a dog breeding kennel. Always bring a Male dog first. A kennel should be started with 1 or 2 male dogs. If you are in a hurry to get the results get mature dogs in your kennel. Start giving services as soon as your dog is adult. You need to test if your dog is a proven stud. Find a pet home if its not proven you, or do not consider it in your breeding plan- retain only the proven studs. Once you have a proven stud then you can introduce 2 bitches.

Now your kennel is complete with 1-2 studs and 2-3 bitches. Once you start breeding all your bitches you will have puppies throughout the year and money will flow in.

Always keep in mind that your dogs regard you as a master and you should spend time with them. Dogs are not livestocks. If want to be successful dog kennel never leave things on your servants, your dogs are your companions and will expect attention, love and care from you.

You may create your kennel market by showing your dogs in regional and national dog shows. Keep a good network among dog lovers and breeders. Advertise on all online dog websites and not to forget in Kennel club gazettes!

Happy Dog Breeding!!


Excellent post. I am looking at starting a kennel soon. Looking for some professional help and also advice. UR advice will definitely go long way in me being a good breeder. Thank you once again .

By: Vinith | 12 Jan 2009

hello rana sir
thanx for posting this blog here i hope this blog can sort out the problem of
many new beggnier in dogs game
mavi kennel

By: MAVI KENNEL | 12 Jan 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Cage - minimum requirements

based on size Every person who owns or operates a breeding kennel, boarding kennel should provide the following individual cage or pen minimum space and height per dog and also for any puppy not kept with thewhelping bitch:

Weight per animal Up to 12 kg

Minimum pen floor area per animal:: 1.0 square metres (108sq.ft.)

Minimum pen height per animal::0.8 metres (8.6 sq.ft).

Weight per animal Over 12 kg and under 30 kg.

Minimum pen floor area per animal:: 2.0 square metres (21.5sq.ft.)

Minimum pen height per animal::0.9 metres (9.7 sq.ft.)

Weight per animal 30 kg or more

Minimum pen floor area per animal:: Minimum 2.5 square metres(26.9 sq.ft.) and addition-ally, dog must be able to stretch or stand to its fullbody height and full body length

Minimum pen height per animal::Minimum 2.5 square metres(26.9 sq.ft.) and addition-ally, dog must be able to stretch or stand to its full body height and full body length.Minimum 2.0 metres (21.5sq.ft.) and additionally, dog must be able to stretch or stand to its full body height and full body length.

For Excersie for 25kg of weight 15 x 5 sq feet area min is needed.. Calculate further as per weight based on tis figure.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 13 Jan 2009

Abhishek Pednekar
Thanks a lot buddy.Ur post is quiet informative.I m planning for a kennel but i have a pug of 11 months so can i knw wht is the proper time to breed.Means at wht age.

By: Abhishek Pednekar | 26 Feb 2010

informative post.. please do post more such info as you have hands on experience on this

By: abraham | 11 Mar 2010

very true sir...excellent !!! its will definatly help beggniers..

By: mudit | 06 Apr 2010

Himanshu Gupta
thanks sir for posting this blog!!

By: Himanshu Gupta | 12 May 2010


This is a very useful information for beginners like me. Lot informative... Thanks a lot

By: Subash | 21 Jun 2010

Its very useful information.I started a kennel around three years ago and at my home my wife and kids handling my kennel I am giving them full support because i am working in abroad.All dogs and bitches are registered.I got many inquires but there are many brokers around me they are blocking my bussiness.If they got bussiness i like to give some % but they want taking almost for the half,saying they are 4 to 5 person have to give all of them.Now i stop to contact them i sarting to geting orders directly.If they come to know still they are blocking.Now i want to get friends help to sale my puppies.is there any one how need puppies contact me directly.

By: Godwin | 11 Feb 2011

A good blog regarding kennel for beginners. To add on to the above, we can also have a pooping area near the kennel itself such as adjacent to the kennel, there should be a small area at any side of the kennel and a small opening from the kennel wall to this area. Also, the food,water etc for the dog/pups should be served inside the kennel only which is set neatly. Dogs generally does not poop anywhere at its private areas where they sleep, eat etc. so since the kennel is used for such purposes, the dogs will definitely go to the poop area for pooping and return back to its kennel. If the floor of the poop area is tapered to one side, which leads to the drainage, it would be easier for one to clean the area by just flushing water to it. This way, the breeder can potty train the pups before they move out from kennel and the new owner will not have to struggle for potty training.

By: santhoshjn | 13 Feb 2011

Arun Kumar
A wonderful blog Mr.Rana, Thanks for all the tips, well i have started this business out of my enthusiasm and love towards only "Labrador Retreivers", The best of all breeds i think so...

By: Arun Kumar | 22 Apr 2011

abhinav singh
i love dogs . . Keeping them is my hobby, passion, intrest. . Something which i love to do . . When i was small i use to catch street dogs as they are free and i didnt have money to buy good breed dog . . I still remember i use to give my food my milk to them hiding it from my mom . . In my neighbour there was a punture shop from where i had got two truck tyre in which i use to keep them . . Then when i was in 8th class i had saved money to get a german spitz i got it for 1500. . Was hiding it from my parents but one day i was caught my dad supported me so finally i got the permission to keep her . . After one year my german spitz came in heat and i got her mated with my friend's spitz. She after 2 months gave birth to 6 puppies which i distributed to my known person who asked for it like my friends . . 2 of them were healthy 2 came back to me as the person took from me their parents didnt allowed them to keep puppies and two were not maintained properly . . One thing i learned from this incidence never to give puppies for free as the one who pay can only take proper care . Next time she gave birth to 7 puppies i sold them all to a breeder for 10k and then i had also passed my board exam and had to go 200kms away from my home town for further studies . So at this new place i got a greatdane for myself from the same money saved from greman spitz's puppies i and my room mate loved our darling a lot i actually was in mood to have a male great dane as i wanted to be proud of him when i took him for walks but that guy asked for 2k extra for male puppy . So i got a female puppy . . Now she also got older and gave birth to 8 puppies for which i got 40000 . Now i had completed my 12th standard and was admitted in medical college for mbbs course and had to come to bangalore for the same i gave my great dane to my room mate as had not told my parents about it so couldnt take her home and she will be happier with him as she know him from her childhood and we had decided that if she get pregnant half of the puppies will be his as he will be taking care of her food medication and everything and half will be mine as she was my dog and i purchased her. Now from past two year i m in bangalore and this time i got two golden retriever both of them kci registered and from champion line i actually thought of breeding them and got them . I had learned a lot from my past mistakes and my last dogs. So i had taken proper care of these two and my female is expecting litter next month she was mated to champion dog of bangalore . I have no future plans of being a breeder or something as will be doctor after 2 years but i love dogs and these loving creature will be with me for my entire life . .hoping litter in first week of september 2011 my female have lots of champion in her pedigree but she is not champion as i had never taken her to show rings as i m busy with my studies the male is champion . . Pls help me out if any breeder wants to buy them the puppies will be having kci registered and will be having micro chip and will be given only after 2 months from their birth so will also get their first shots!!!

By: abhinav singh | 31 Jul 2011

Hi Abhinav, you haven't mentioned anywhere in your message above about where in India are the dogs. I am interested in picking up the dogs, but your price will be the key factor as i am not a breeder. I have a huge farm and don't mind a few dogs running around. Do contact me on write.abhijeetgupta@gmail.com

By: Abhijeet | 20 Dec 2011

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