How to take care of your Dogs ears

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Ears are ears, be it yours or your dogs’. It is your duty to keep them clean and dirt-free. As per certain statistics, one of the main reasons why dogs visit the vet is ear problem. Hence, to take care of the same, every pet parent should be aware how to keep pooch’s ears hygienic and tidy.


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For this, you need to comprehend, that there are some differences between human ears and dog ears. Your dog ears are “L” shaped. This means more dirt, debris and bacteria get a chance to accumulate inside, which can cause infection. If your pooch is scratching his ears continuously, shaking his head, smelling bad, or is whining, or have plenty of discharge, and hearing loss, it’s a reason to worry. If he doesn’t come running to you when called, it is certainly one of the symptoms. Don’t delay and immediately fix an appointment with the veterinarian.  


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It’s not at all difficult to clean your pup’s ears. All you need is some treats to keep your pooch busy, Epiotic Ear Cleaner, a cloth and you’re good to go. Put in a sufficient amount of ear cleaner in his ear and gently massage. Keep cleaning as and when required. Also, don’t forget to pamper him and appreciate him after the cleaning.


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Dog breeds with long ears are prone to ear problems. They need regular cleaning and proper care in terms of ear grooming. If he loves to swim, make sure that you check for ticks behind the ear. Ear problems can be very painful and irritating for your mutt. It can lead to permanent hearing loss. Breeds which are prone to ear problems comprise of  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bloodhound, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Saint Bernard, Doberman, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Poodle and more.


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As it is profoundly said, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, keep the ears of your furball clean and provide him a healthy living. You can buy ear care products here.


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