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How To Waste Money- The Most Expensive Dog Breeds In India

12 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Although a dog doesn’t care how much money you have: A master, some food, and place to sleep are all he needs. But if you are one of those who love to burn a hole in their pocket or have plenty of green paper to give away, this is the list for you.  From a 24 lacs ‘Great Dane’ to a ‘Korean Mastiff’ pup costing 1 Crore, all are waiting to wag their tails if you have the paying capacity.

10.  Bull Dog


Average Pure Bred Cost: 1,10,000

This dog breed is not just expensive to buy but to maintain as well with a monthly maintenance cost of around 5k.

More info on the breed at https://www.dogspot.in/bull-dog/

9. Cane Corso Italiano

maxresdefault (2)

Average Pure Bred Cost: 1,15,000

This is a full-blooded Italian and will be a better bodyguard to you than ‘Bhai’ was to ‘Bebo’ in Bodyguard.

More info on the breed at https://www.dogspot.in/cane-corso-italiano/

8. Afghan Hound


Average Pure Bred Cost: 1,50,000

Bred to assist in hunting activities, it has become more of a show dog now.

More info on the breed at https://www.dogspot.in/afghan-hound/

7. French Bull
Average Pure Bred Cost: 1,50,000

Not known to be friendly to even the kids of their master, no wonder that they are named after the French. ;) :D

More info on the breed at https://www.dogspot.in/french-bull-dog/

6. Akita Inu


Average Pure Bred Cost: 1,50,000

Another breed that will give a jump to your monthly budget.

More info on the breed at https://www.dogspot.in/akita/

5. Newfoundland Dog


Average Pure Bred Cost: 2,00,000

If you are getting a Newfoundland, you are either a prince/princess or think of yourself as one. This breed is very expensive to maintain and needs a luxurious home to keep it healthy and comfortable.

More info on the breed at https://www.dogspot.in/new-foundland/

4. Alaskan Malamute


Average Pure Bred Cost: 2,00,000

You would be lucky to land yourself a purebred Alaskan and luckier if you could find someone to exercise with this beast of a working dog.

More info on the breed at https://www.dogspot.in/alaskan-malamute/

3. English Mastiff


Average Pure Bred Cost: 50,000-5,00,000

These drooling pooches are a large breed of dogs with some males weighing more than 200 pounds. They are an affectionate breed and are very protective of their human.

2. Tibetan Mastiff


Average Pure Bred Cost: 2,00,000

These dogs are strong enough to battle a mountain leopard and in some unfortunate events have been known to fatally attack humans. But they are still in high demand and a purebred has been sold for as high as 10 crores in China.

More info on the breed at https://www.dogspot.in/tibetan-mastiff/

1. Dogo Argentino

maxresdefault (1)

Average Pure Bred Cost: 2,75,000

Finally, a dog from the country of ‘Messi’. But there is nothing messy about this one and is as royal, legal and dignified as a dog can be.

More info on the breed at https://www.dogspot.in/dogo-argentino/

P.S.: Although each dog is wonderful in their own right, we do recommend you to adopt strays and shelter dogs. Help them and they will forever love you.


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