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How Your Heart Felt, When Your Dog Passed Away (Heart-Breaking)

05 Feb 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Goodbyes are the most difficult times. Saying goodbye, not only breaks our heart into a million pieces but also makes it impossible to fix it back the way it was. When we lose the most dear soul in our life, we lose a part of ouselves. Its true, how they say, they're watching over you. But, what if you want to be the one watching over them?


What if its not fair how they went before you and left you all alone and empty inside? People think you're exaggerating your pain. But, you're not. You can barely speak or think when you lose your dog. Your dog was what made you happy even after a stressful day at work. Your dog was what drove you crazy, when you were having a boring day.


Every moment after the last time you spent with your dog, cuts you like a knife. Every night your dog wasn't next to you, made it impossible to sleep. And if you did get sleep, your dreams were only about the lovely face of your dog. About how he was running around and his fur was the most beautiful thing to watch in the sun.


Evening walks suddenly vanished. They were replaced by endless memories of the times you spent together. Every bark of another dog made you want to listen to his voice one more time. Every time you heard foot-steps, you wished for him to appear in your room and surprise you.


You called out his name, you cried for hours and you sat with his toys and collar. You loved him even after he went to heaven. You started missing him. And when you start missing him, you relive the same old days again. So, its okay to be irrational and want them back, its okay to pray for them.


Because, had they been in your place, they would go through the exact same. They would probably hurt more than you are hurting. Because, its true when they say, your dog loves you more than anybody can love anyone. So, isn't it fair if we go through this pain bravely, rather than letting our dogs face any such pain? They deserve to know that even when they're gone, you still care for them. You can show this to them, by living everyday with a smile on your face of their memory, and a heart which beats only to make them proud. 


Meanwhile, all you need to know is that, you made every sigle day of your dog amazing. He wouldn't ask for anybody else apart from you to be in his life. And even when he isn't around you to touch today, he is still looking out for you. 

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