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Can Humans Allow Such Inhumanity Everyday? [News]

23 May 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Have you ever witnessed Animal Cruelty in front of you? Nevermind, the first question is not even appropriate in our society. Rather, how many times in a day do we experience individuals inflicting pain and torture towards the voiceless animals around them? Too many to count right.

Well, collectively there is no right answer to the reason for such hatred and violence. What is clear is that animals are subject to most frustration from the humans around them due to many hidden and evident reasons. One of which is quite likely a need to impose a form of authority or social standing from those who are often belittled in certain walks of life.

The answer is simple, do not just walk away from such cases. Make sure you take a stand and thence an action against the unjust pain inflicted towards our fellow species. Just like a bunch of agitated activists in Lucknow who recently rose up from conformity. Recently, an article implored the harsh truths of mankind and the inhumane displays of humanity.

Many awakened individuals are urging the masses to lodge FIRs as and when they experience an incident where they will not be able to stand strong against a mob of ill-intentions and spite.

Infact, a lot of voices in regions of Lucknow are becoming louder where a certain activist has already lodged 5 FIRs against hate crimes which involved the demise of animals.

Awareness and education is an important factor that needs to be enforced in addition to the necessary sterilization of all strays around the country. A common misconception where people feel educated and informed just because they have money and a respectable social standing. Taking a reflection from various residential societies and colonies with high-end residences who resort to such horrible practices like beating up or torturing stray dogs and cats.

Like the activists in Lucknow, I urge my fellow kind to speak up and act upon every such instance. It might take out a few moments from your precious life. On the other hand, it might save a few precious lives. We cannot wipe such heartless humans, but we can surely limit the stray population in many ways to limit the potential harm they can succumb to.

Please share all your stories to spread the message across our community of animal lovers.

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