Hydrotherapy Center for Dogs in Mumbai

13 May 2010 | by | Posted in: Grooming

By Nilanjana Nag

Mumbai Mirror, Posted On Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 02:15:45 AM

Mumbai will soon see the launch of a hydrotherapy centre - one that’ll cater exclusively to dogs.

 Anu Sethi, a canine hydro therapist, will launch the Wag A Bond Canine Hydrotherapy Centre at Bandra in a week’s time, and aims to address some of the most crucial medical conditions that are commonly found in dogs, through water exercises.

Sethi has imported a 19-foot by eight-foot swimming pool, which is not more than four feet deep, making it convenient for the dog as well as its therapist, Sethi.

The pool has attached ramps that lead to the water so the dogs can walk in easily. It also has a special facility that enables you to clean dog hair from the water very easily.

Hydrotherapy works best on growth-related problems in dogs, Sethi tells us, most commonly arthritis, spondylitis, hip and elbow dysplasia (where the hip bone is displaced from its socket).

Hydro therapist Anu Sethi (l) is setting up the centre at Bandra

Taking them out for a stroll is futile because freestyle walking or running may just add to the damage.

“This is where an upstream swimming exercise works wonders,” says Sethi. “So with the help of two hydro jets in the pool we can introduce currents in the water and the dog can try and swim with my assistance. This helps the dog build muscles which then help support weak bones.”

Bone-related diseases are more common in big dogs like Labradors, golden retrievers, cocker spaniels and obesity only worsens the problem. “Most dog owners today have the money to feed fancy treats to their pets but have no time to take them out on walks, which is why obesity is becoming rampant. I’ve actually seen Labradors who can’t walk properly because their paws are bent inwards under their body weight,” adds Sethi.

While the dogs are rid of their problems, they’re sure to have some fun, too. “All dogs are natural swimmers,” explains Sethi. “It’s just that some of them love it, while others are a little cautious. You’ll find retrievers refusing to come out of the water and pugs hesitating to even go in.”

Does Sethi offer a solution to our smaller friends too? “Long-backed dogs like dachshunds, basset hounds and pugs find it difficult to support their body weight. I introduce such dogs gradually to the water and give them short hand massage breaks (if only humans could benefit from this as well!).”

For the anxious ones, Sethi has imported lifejackets in all sizes, “even for a Chihuahua.”

Apart from training in canine hydrotherapy and first aid at the Greyfriars Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referral Centre, Sethi has completed an additional course in pool management. “It is important to maintain chlorine levels and the pH balance in water, especially in community (canine) pools like these.”



We should have something similar in Gurgaon as well

By: Rana Atheya | 13 May 2010

Yes thats right Rana. According to a pet food company Gurgaon has the highest Density of Dogs in India and i am sure these businesses can do very well in Gurgaon also.

By: Gaurav | 13 May 2010

Gr8 initiative. All metroes & other populated cities should have such nice places where our dear pets can enjoy as well as get benefits of hydrotherapy.

By: Runni | 14 May 2010

Dr Saurabh
good .i am a staunch believer of hydrotherapy for canine growth and bone related problems and even advise for portable kids pool for small dogs .

By: Dr Saurabh | 14 May 2010

dr.sonia khanvilkar
Hi,. I am a Canine physiotherapist. i traeted a few cases in pune and mumbai and have recently moved to banaglore. its excellent that we have a hydrotherapy pool now as now i do not have a physiotherapy setup yet i could not advice hydrotherapy to clients!!

By: dr.sonia khanvilkar | 28 May 2010

Praneet Gill
"Beware of Owner"
This sounds like a great idea. However, the service is terrible. The owner is rude and screaches in your ears if you cancel an appointment (even if it's 'coz ur pup has swallowed a bottle cap and needs to be taken to the doctor instead of a swim).
With the terrible experience i had with Wet Nose, I'd rather take my dog for a swim to the beach. My dog loooves to be there early in the morning! What better than fresh water.

By: Praneet Gill | 04 Dec 2010

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