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IIPTF - The Most Mismanaged Vet Seminar Ever Attended

25 Jan 2011 | by | Posted in: Events

Source: meraevents.com

I am saying this in anger because of the blatant lies and mismanagement of organisers of the IIPTF vet seminar. The guy at the clinic who came to collect Rs 1500/- (yes there was fees for vets!) said with all conviction "more than 100 already registered and we expect around 500 vets to come".

The seminar timings were from 10am to 5 pm on 22nd jan 2011. I reached the venue at around 10.15 a.m. and could easily count number of vets to be FIVE. When the seminar finally started at around 11.30 a.m, it had less than 20 vets present.

It resulted in complete waste of time for all the vets attending the conference on a working day when everyone had come to learn few tips from the speaker or from proposed huge gathering of Vets (around 500). The length of time taken by a sponsoring pet food (eukanuba) company was huge and that too in 2 parts. I have few  questions to ask the organizers.

  1. If the response was so poor, why did'nt they cancel the event?
  2. Was the only idea to add events and corner sponsorship money from the seminar?
  3. Why were'nt any certificates were given to all the participating vets?
  4. Why the complete lecture of Dr Chen was not provided in the kit. It had only magazine and sponsors directory only?
  5. It is mandatory to ask feedback from participants about the event . Why we were not given any feedback forms to bring this irregularity and shame to your notice?

If this is the attitude of IIPTF organizers towards vets in general, I am afraid it wont work any longer.


Dr Saurabh Manish



What was the problem Dr. Manish? Is it for being fooled in parting with Rs1500 or it being a one of the many crappy kibble producer's sponsored event (eukanuba) or not being able hear and shake hands with Dr. Charles Chen? I think all the 20 vets who attended the conference were good and sincere guys. Whenever I am in New Delhi, my hometown, I have only heard praise about your clinic in Rohini. However, at least 90% of vets in India (especially U.P.) are rascals, in my opinion.

By: gspal | 28 Jan 2011

Charles Chen
I am apology that delivered only few tips at New Delhi, it almost base on the article plus my personal experience. If I can have “next time”, shall prepare more scientific stuff. Before I went to India, (thought this is second trip to India, but last trip was 2002, that was gave lecture at India Society of Human & Animal Mycology) I have no idea what are the level of India Vets., Now I probably know what India vets. need and will pass the information to our colleague of Asian Society/College. Well as I said I am not academia but a private practice sorry again dose not make you satisfied and waste your time.

I do not know how good job the organizer had done, but I had organized invite international speaker to gave lecture in Taiwan, I know it is a difficult and complicate job. As Binoy said this is first time provide vet. lecture at IIPTF, he shall do not has too many experience for this. I believe he will learn from this time.
How many people attend looks not a problem, In the early time, when Dr. George Muller they organized first American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology annual meeting only less than 10 people attend.

For your questions to organizer, I probably can provide my idea:
1. Cancel a foreigner lecture will dangerous and unpolite. Foreigner need book airticket very early, need pay for VISA, all will cost money, cancel lecture will get very bad reputation and will difficult to get next foreigner anymore.
2. I have no idea what your mean for this item
3. Attend seminar definitely is not for a certification, in Taiwan our Academy never gave certification and People will come. If just for a certification, everyone can made and print by laser printer easily by self, and no pet owner will know that is fake one.
4. Without hand out, In Taiwan, in the beginning vets. (even now) do not come pay for seminar, just get friend help and copy, even sell to other vets. May be they are concern it.
5. May be organizer will take your idea, for they do not have enough experience.

Please registrate our next Asian meeting at Bangkok www.vrvc-amams2011.com, if you have article would like to share with us please catch the time the abstract submission dead line is 31, Jan, 2011

I believe that organizer will lost money, because only 20 delegates attendent fee shall not enough pay for my airticket, if they continuing organize vet. lecture they are brave, and I hope they brave enough continuing organize the even.

Hope to meet you in Bangkok
Charles Chen

By: Charles Chen | 29 Jan 2011

Dr Saurabh
@gspal-thanks for ur praise for our clinic.the problem was the blatant lies of organisers which i am not able to take at all..why say more than 100 registered and 500 expected,wen u have only 20?? for sure all 20 vets were sincere abt the seminar ,that is why they were there to learn somethg new after closing there clinics on working day.
@ charles chen-it is not abt the fees but the organisers do have some responsibility towards the attending vets also ,they did not ask for our feedback at all nor ever came back to our clinic explaining the 1.5 hr eukanuba presentation!!.however i personally liked ur enthusiam and commitment during the lecture despite so few people .wud like to definitely catch up wid u in bangkok.hope u enjoyed ur stay in india..thanks

By: Dr Saurabh | 30 Jan 2011

Charles Chen
Well as I know Eukanuba was a sponsor, this happened in CHina, when a company sponsor a lecture, they also buy a time to promote their products. This like a "culture" in different countries. but this time I do not think they spend 1.5 hours, totally around 40 minutes, I took this 40 minute get a break. lecture in English is quite stress for me.
I defenitely can not refuse gave talk because there has only 20 delegates. India is a novel area for Asian Society of Veterinary Dermaotlogy, it is my duty to deliver our message invite India vets. to attend the Asian society.
I am wondering how offen you have foreigner speaker went to India to gave lecture? How much attdent fee is regular, reseasonable, acceptable by general practices? and average how many delegates took those lecture?

By: Charles Chen | 30 Jan 2011

Dr Saurabh
well ,most of the vets here do attend continuing education seminar conducted by madras veterinary college,chennai and pedigree ..that is one topic for 3 days ..i.e- small animal dermatology for 3 days ..fees is 5000/-INR ,lodging n boarding separate..oh ofcourse its in collaboration wid pedigree..i have attended quite a few..even went there on my own to vet college for 3 months sometime ago..they never took time in b/w lectures for product promotion..may be trend is changing...we have quite a few foreign vets from time to time here in india ..as michigan state university and madras vet. college have a student exchange program and as part of that MSU faculty comes almost every year for seminars in india and vice versa..

By: Dr Saurabh | 30 Jan 2011

Charles Chen
Thank you for your information

By: Charles Chen | 31 Jan 2011

Dr. G.S.Sachdeva
In my opinion, one must appreciate n not criticise the efforts done by eukanuba in organising this lecture. Infact., it's very pathetic on our aspect by not attending it with much gusto

By: Dr. G.S.Sachdeva | 10 Feb 2011

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