Impatient dog crashes car into Walmart

19 Aug 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


It’s not only you who gets a little impatient when mom is in Walmart shopping and you are waiting out in the car for her. This time around it was the dogs that got impatient and the result was ridiculous. Two pooches crashed their owner’s car into Walmart while their owner was busy shopping. This Walmart is located in Wayne, West Virginia.


Image Source: WSAZ NewsChannel 3


As per WSAZ-TV, the witness of this incidence told that one of the dogs was steering the car and the other pup was on passenger’s seat. The pup drove the car into the wall. Thankfully none of the pups were injured. However, it was ridiculous to see how they did it.

For us, the surveillance camera did the work. The incident was captured on the CCTV which showcases that the car swarming across the store and eventually bumping into the front of the store. The funny part is that according to the reports, one of the dog rolled down the window.

When enquired from the owner, the elderly lady mentioned saying that she left the car with the engine on to make sure that the pooches stay cool in the scorching heat with air conditioning. She left the canines in the car and went out for a quick shopping. Apparently, one of the tail-wagger managed to shove the car out of the parking lot and steer it into the store. There wasn’t much of damage to the car as well.

The entire incident might seem funny but it is certainly a lesson for us. This is a genuine reminder that one shouldn’t leave their pets in a hot car in the parking lot ever. Also, leaving the Ac on isn’t the best idea. Make sure you keep your pets safe and sound or bring them to places which are pet-friendly.

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