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Importing Dogs- Blindfold

17 Jul 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Before any1 starts reading: This Blog is on a common base, It does not refer or hints to anyone personally. So be neutral. Read and give your opinions. Thank u.



Im not against imports even I have some at my place, Im just trying to throw a light on Two subjects:


1)Trashy Imports & people falling for them !


2) Every foreign breeder is perfect and every dog thier is a SUPER DOG.



We all know India is still faaarrrrr behind Countries like US or UK in not only the quality of dogs but in many things. Here I would like to share some thoughts and beliefs of mine with all f u dog enthusiasts out there, not only in India but everywhere.


These days there's a big trend of imports, no doubt we need it desperately to improve on our quality, gene pool n lines. There ares till several breeds that are not upto the mark and many which are not at all here. So there’s no option left than to import. And even after we have them all, we will still have to rope in new blood to keep the breed alive n kicking in its best shape.


Only thing which has been bothering me is that many people have started trusting foreign people like anything, they import dogs which are of very mediocre quality and promote it heavily taking  the benefit of The biggest Drawback of Indian mentality that “If its an import then it must be a 100001% KICKASS Super Dog or bitch" Come what may. The moment we see a foreigner standing with a Dog even today at least 90% of us say Oh My God that’s Awesome...without even checking the dog twice...or If some branded breeder In India imports a Dog , We go mad telling every1 that he that so called breeder has got an import and that too with many champs in the bloodline before even checking out the Dog properly, He may have imported sum trash or a specimen which no doubt comes from a champ bloodline but its not necssary that , that specimin  is a mgnificent example of the breed…Sum B.I  might be better than him in 1000 ways but we still go for that trashy import.


Just coz Its an Import it doesn’t means it has come from Gods home and cannot have any flaws.

Many times I see foreign people placing an add in which u see only the head... or in such kind of position in which u cannot judge the dogs quality properly. The replies to these adds are shocking . People comment like “oh my god its so fabulous n all “ only seeing the head..same time if an Indian breeder puts an add in which he places 4-5 pics in which the dog is properly staged, the comments are like, can u send me more pictures I need to check if this dogs is ok or not..SIMPLY COZ its a B.I.


I believe the very reason is the moment we see a foreigner standing or holding a Dog , Our mind shuts Downs Declaring “ This is the Best and now its no use thinking twice”. We only have trash... just coz they have good economy , better roads and better facilities , Their every Dog is a OSCAR OR a GOLDEN GLOBE WINNER LIKE THIER SUPERSTARS and it is a SUPER DOG.



Nothing guarantees that .


1) A foreign breeder is always right !

2) He/She follows the rules and regulations strictly !

3) They have the most wonderful specimens of the breed particular and will always provide u with their best !

4) Do not forget any person can cheat , its not about his nationality or color or sex !


Nothing guarantees that

 ** That if a famous n flashy breeder from India is importing a Dog, he will always make the right choice and bring in a milestone everytym he imports a dog.

Even he/She can make a mistake …and any1 who claims HE/SHE CAN’T ..then guys  not only avoid but run as fast as you can from such people.


I utterly believe that you will agree with me that today many of our Home breds have started beating these so called imports in Show Rings.



Its hi time , we must realize that we Indian have started producing specimens’  which are really good in comparison to these so called Imports and soon people will start buying from Indian breeders too, its just a matter of time…many Indians have already started exporting their breeding...wont be naming any as I am writing this blog as common man and would appreciate if people reply to it as a common man, not under any kind f influence of anyone or themselves ….without thinking about or naming any1 for his positive or negative trait.


… Buying Imports will never stop and that’s something understandable like I said we will always need new blood to keep our breeding in best shape. But we must start realizing that just coz a dog is import it doesn’t mean it’s a phenomena. All we need to do is watch out for such kind of ultimate stupidity being done in the name of IMPORTED DOGS.


Won’t stretch and make it a big boring blog…it’s a thought n feeling which I wanted to share with all f u ..& im done..try to think about it being very neutral and then reply to it…Thanx doston..


Enjoy the monsoon,


Regards & Respect

Mr.Siddhaant Trivedi







hey , very simple and straight forward thoughts.I am sure it will be useful for people who are yet not out of the "foreigner/imported's fake halo. May people open their eyes and choose for the best.
Keep up the good work
really appreciable..

By: aishley7 | 18 Jul 2010

sandip banik
Congrats..this was always on the back of mind..very true and very straight forward..we as a 3rd world country always tend to believe in the IMPORT thing...The Posted ADS by foreigner's are almost as good as THRASH...be Indian..and try and be responsible..All Th BEst

By: sandip banik | 19 Jul 2010

May this article open ppl's eyes.. Good one Mr. Trivedi..

By: Kishen | 19 Jul 2010

Good one and as I am looking for a bull mastiff pup ,this paragraph will help me more.
Can you post some of your reallife experience or a guideline when dealing with this kind of dealers? thanks again

By: Trailokya | 20 Jul 2010

Siddhaant Trivedi
Thank u all for showing a nice response. I'll try my best to post in new ,informative and helpful blogs like this. all i was looking for was some sum encouragement n appreciation...i guess its quite enf for a start... SO Thanks again..ill Blog soon !
Million Thanx to Dogspot for publishing this.

Enjoy the monsoon,

Regards & Respect

Mr.Siddhaant Trivedi

By: Siddhaant Trivedi | 20 Jul 2010

swaroop kishan
well.. Mr.Siddhaant Trivedi has perfectly said it..

but i have a query.. in our shows, generally if u see through the results , most of them are bagged by those imports. why is that ? is it because our Indian bred dogs are no match, i don think so.. there are Indian bred's which are way better than imported one's.. now please guys tel me " even if our home dogs are a match or even way better, in most cases they dont bag the championship, "" if u answer this, may be we can know the answer for WHY IMPORT !!! " "

please don think i am supporting import or something, but what i mean to say is , not only us but every1 has to wake up, not 1 or 2..

By: swaroop kishan | 21 Jul 2010

well swaroop,we have a fancy on the imported breeds.we think whtever is imported are good and the best in class,but they didn't make it but we have made it by ourselves.and it is not only in the Dog breeds but every other possible sectors.we have many native breeds available in india and we generally donot concentrate to preserve the bloodline or the pedegree..where in the other nations they have understood the importance of storing pure bloodline long back and they are very much concious about their breeds.It will be again wrong on my part to comment and cover all over India but there are few parts of India and regions and those people understood the fact and they preserved the bloodline accordingly and the result is well known to everyone of us and we can see in those areas we are the best in class and noone can beat us.
Take a example of Rampur hound,Mudhol hound,caravan hound,Pariah,Alangu MAstiff,Kanni and ifwecompre these breeds with their import counterparts,they are superior in their own way.So we are awake wide enough and it is always better late than never.

Thanks to you to pick up the very imp point and would like to see more comments and discussions in our dog loving faternities...

By: Trailokya | 21 Jul 2010

swaroop kishan
@ Trailokya, i completely agree. these are best bred dogs of Indian based lines,
others.. cant help them..

and about the PRESERVATION OF BLOODLINES " u have said truly.. the KCI must make sure that all dogs are registered and most importantly, they have to give licsense of breeding only to registered breeders, so as to keep up the breed standard .. even if they do not implement the second 1 its ok. but they have to make sure, all dogs which are bred and sold or whatever must be KCI registered and also the pups have their own reg certificate. this might be the stepping stone for preserving the breed standards.. !!!

By: swaroop kishan | 21 Jul 2010

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