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Can't understand this increasing fascination for importing (you name it, and someone is importing it) dogs these days. Why can't we people adopt and provide the same love,care and affection to our Indian dogs as we do to the breed ones. Moreover, these days, people are shelling huge amounts to the tune of several lakhs just to have those INTERNATIONAL WINNERS. I mean, just imagine if every third person who is owning/intertested in owning a breed dog adopts an Indian dog instead, how greatly it would improve the lives of our Indian dogs. There would be fewer dogs on the streets, less sterilization work for our municipalities. The puppy mills would suddenly come to halt thereby bringing at least a partial relief to the cruelty that is being inflicted upon the so called breed dogs. All you Kennel owners and breed dog owners, just give it a thought, just a thought towards your contribution for the upliftment of our own desi dogs.


Aditya Collins
Dear Prashant,

Its the time of presentation "JO DIKHTA HAI WOHI BIKTA HAI". I agree very much with you that our Indian Breeds are no where less than other breeds until and unless they are properly understood and bred in india.
See Tibetian/ Himalyan Mastiff is an indian breed which was taken to england improved and now is selling for 50 k per pup. Same is the story with Tibetian terrier.....
Indian Bulli is also a very good dog which needs recognition.
Indian Spitz has already started making back door entry with improved versions.

If ur serious about breeding Indian breeds to international standards I ll tell u how.
mail me at: rediffmail.


By: Aditya Collins | 05 Jul 2010

KamalRaj J Kuppal
Hi All,

I just want to share my point here, as you said to adopt indian breed than the imported one, you see each and every breed has bred out for specific purpose, I cant have indian mongrel/pariah dog for guarding, it also wont deserve it. Also many ppl here wants dog to be cute, just think about our paraiah breed? Is this cute? I am not opposing out own breed, but just want to tell about the facts here.

By: KamalRaj J Kuppal | 09 Jul 2010

Prashant Tehlan
Hi kuppal,
Are you sure you are clear about your views on the capabilities of the Indian dogs? In case you are, i would definitely look to help you get out of some of your myths. Just let me know.

By: Prashant Tehlan | 09 Jul 2010

KamalRaj J Kuppal
Hi Prashant,

I am happy to hear your suggestions/opinions too. As far as my understanding, i feel i am clear with my points.


By: KamalRaj J Kuppal | 12 Jul 2010

deepak bharadwaj

racial discrimination or regional discrimination might be the main reason...

with respect...

if u happen to coat or price like other breed dogs, n stop promoting free adoption of street dogs n start charging for it then u might see a change....
becoz in any third world country like india.....
any thing given for free is taken for granted.....
thank u....

By: deepak bharadwaj | 13 Jul 2010

I have an indian dog & he's the most good looking , handsome & cute doggie in the world , but then love is blind . Anyhow the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder . He's an excellent guard dog - in fact its a known fact that Indian dogs make best guard dogs .
I think more than the cuteness factor its the size factor that make people pick the breed they pick .
p:s I don't think that rotties are cute .

By: DoggieDawg | 14 Jul 2010

KamalRaj J Kuppal
Hi DoggieDawg,

I would also like to share my previous experience here, through I dont have/live with any breed dogs now, but in most cases, I see that the indian breed dogs (especially mogrels/pariah) through you keep them clean, it purpose is scavenging, i.e. scavenger. No one can tell the purpose of this breed that bred for, also if you consider labrador, the purpose they bred is to retriving the fishing nets, also for GSD the original pupose for breeding this dog is for herding, similarly doberman is for guarding, and the list goes on.... each breed that i mention above was bred out by specific purpose, I can agree that your indian dog is excellent guard dog, but can you compare your indian dog(mongrel) with rottie or GSD or even doberman? it may fail when it stands b/w GSD/Rottie/Doberman (Please dont mistake me that i am bringing down the indian breed. I just want to make my point clear). Lets leave about the mongrel indian dog, on other hand, lets now consider Rajapalayam or Mudhal Hound, they are extremely brave, I agree on it, it can even stand b/w GSD or Doberman, it may also win when fight occurs...

We indians, genetically weaker when compare to germans or americans, this applies to our dogs also, our indian breed dogs are having genetically shorter skull and muscle when compare with german breed dogs which has bigger skull and build is great. Only very few indian breed dogs are having great build all others are normally built.

We need to seriously consider this and dog activists should do some research of bring up greatly build indian dogs..


By: KamalRaj J Kuppal | 15 Jul 2010

i think kamal is right.we humans have created breeds for different purposes.whereas the indian breed has not been consciously created.this is the a man who is very strong with good physique may not have any chance against a trained wresler.if we breed certain indian dog for specific purposes only then can we compare......though temperament wise every dog is as good as the other but some qualities run in their genes.

By: Shalin | 16 Jul 2010

Ajinkya Gaikwad
one of the reasons is also the fact that ppl only want pedigree dogs because a lot of them consider dogs as status symbols...the bigger or more exotic the dog, the bigger the ego boost...

By: Ajinkya Gaikwad | 30 Jul 2010

shankar sinha
Dear Kamal/shalin,
I respectfully beg to differ on your views about indian dogs and their abilities to function as guard dogs. Recent newspaper reports show that Maoists are killing indian dogs near police posts as these dogs act as advance warning systems and also as guard dogs for handfuls of left over food. From my experience I can tell you that the indian mongrel dog I adapted from the streets 35 years ago served me and my household very well as a guard dog for over 13 years. On atleast three occassions it prevented thieves from entering the house. If given good training, they do not require such attention as the imported one's do.

Also if you feel imported breeds are better as guard dogs than indian ones, this should apply to human beings also and we should import foreigner guards in NSG, ITBP and have them in our police force too as they are stronger and intelligent than their indian counterparts.

By: shankar sinha | 04 Aug 2010

Ajinkya Gaikwad
@shankar sinha... I partially agree with you, however what shalin says about the genetic qualities of certain breeds being more purpose specific is also true...

By: Ajinkya Gaikwad | 05 Aug 2010

KamalRaj J Kuppal
Dear Shankar,

I respect your emotion towards our mongrel/pariah dog, I dont think so we should import foreigners in NSG,ITBP and so on... patriotism is totally different and we should not taken this as an good example, also let me come to your way of thinking itself... why should our Police/Millitary force prefer German Shepherds or dobermans? if you say that our mongrel can guard very well, then they can keep mongrel in their dog force. Definitely not, our police/millitary dog experts knows very well than us which breed can do best job. I may hurt you but this is the truth... our mongrel doesnt have any purpose of breed, its purpose as stray and its role as a scavanger in earlier centuries (i googled it and found, not telling this by my own). our mongrel will remain as stray, it will change only if dog activists here in india heads up for defining the purpose of this breed.


By: KamalRaj J Kuppal | 05 Aug 2010

If you call this racial discrimination then be it.Anyways,i think that racial discretion is the more suitable word.You know i think race is the most negative word but it has a positive the afro americans,as a race are physically strong.the same is the case with the dogs.if they are bred to do something that means that it is in their genes.this really plays an important role.

By: Shalin | 05 Aug 2010

have any one of you saw Indian Mastiff ? watch the dog and the agility and the sheer powerful body and muscles and you will forget the other breeds from your mind.Donot underestimate our Indian Dogs in any day.But we need to also remember that most of the dogs and the breed has it's own purpose. So better not compare the GSD or Dobberman in our national security forces.they were best fit for the job on the other hand Indian Mastiff can give a fight to a Bear anytime.

By: Trailokya | 10 Aug 2010

shankar sinha
Dear all,
Shalin I respectfully agree to you but would still not belittle our indian breeds like rampur hounds and Indian mastif. There are some more breeds unknown to us as we go by name like doberman, rotterman, german shepherd etc. If dog lovers from all over the country join in finding goods breeds which can act as good guard dogs with little care and training it will be worthwhile.

By: shankar sinha | 11 Aug 2010

KamalRaj J Kuppal
Dear All,

The main purpose why indian breeds lacking their popularity worldwide is because we still havent defined "right purpose of breed" plus we havent promoted our breed worldwide. Mr.Shankar, you are well said about the breeds rampur hound and indian mastiff, but how many of them using these breeds in india?

Its also common in every pet lovers here that they want their pet should look cute and handsome first, also in india we feel proud if we own foreign breeds. We know very well that our indian breeds(even our mongrel) are intelligent but none of our indian breeds are present in "DOGS INTELLIGENCE RANKING".

In addition to that, most of our indians need awareness about specific indian breed. For example PUG known to every indian from HUTCH advertisement only else we still unaware of pugs...

How to promote our indian breeds?

any sugesstions???


By: KamalRaj J Kuppal | 11 Aug 2010

shankar sinha
Dear Kamalraj,
Many Hindi films of yesteryears depicted indian mongrel as companions of heros. If the government starts a program to train good indian breeds as guard dogs alongwith imported breeds, they will gain popularity. Also dog lovers will have to come forward a start taking in indian breeds for companionship and security. Indian breeds adapt very well to children and genetically they are stronger and have longer lifespan.

By: shankar sinha | 12 Aug 2010

KamalRaj J Kuppal
Dear Shankar,

You are right that our indian breeds have strong immune system and have longer lifespan (preferably minimum 10-15 yrs). As per my understanding, the following native indian breeds exists in india and gained popularity, they are...

Caravan Hound
Rampur Hound
Mudhol Hound

When I read about all these dog breeds characters in internet, I found that almost all dogs are using here for guarding and many are one-man dogs. Do you know any indian breed which has the temperament like labrador/golden retriver? i.e. submissive to owners and very good for novice owners.

Again, its very rare to see professional indian dog breeders.

By: KamalRaj J Kuppal | 12 Aug 2010

The so called breeds are not the result of a sudden or whimsical breeding. They were choosed with extreme care and found out the best traits to mix and match and then they got the desired breeds with good qualities and temperament. In India the case is different, we are so obsessed with the famous breeds that we don’t have time to spend on the native breeds but being said that, there are people who are still taking the least travelled path and doing their best to preserve the native bloodline. It is really good to see in a forum like this we are openly discussing the fact and we are aware of the names and the characters of the native breeds. There are many professional native dog breeders and the temperament of our best friend can be fine tuned with selective breeding and patience.
I would like to share my personal experience here for a noble thought and it may not be applicable to all of us as we are from different background and different segments of our society.

Few years back in Bangalore, 2 of our German office colleagues came down from Berlin. They were very excited to see bullock and horse carts in the silicon city and that too in the heart of the City (MG road)as well as almost every part of the city and very often they would interrupt me for taking snaps with free and slow moving cows on the road or dogs (thank to our civic bodies for the blessings of surrounded by the animals and profound presence on our streets) There would be some questions if they see the cart is over loaded and the animal is unable to pull it and getting left and right from the owner and I have to assured them the elected Govt is doing their best to maintain the uniformity of the presence of free moving animals ,in every possible cities of our democratic country and at the same time these cart pulling and free roaming animals are suffering from their “Karma Dosh” fro their last birth and Govt cannot do anything about it as that is out of scope and reach as well (as we don’t have H.G WELLS and his time machine to travel in their last birth to caution them )

Here again, came the German question, which was simple and innocent enough to make me they asked India is a big country with a huge population why don’t every family try an adopt one Dog and one orphan baby in our family so that those homeless souls get a roof on their head and get a recognition as well.

Think about it......

By: Trailokya | 12 Aug 2010

KamalRaj J Kuppal
Dear Trailokya,

Adopting one indian stray dog is good idea but I am not sure how much this is feasible. Lets think in an alternative way. First we need to figure out why the indian stray dog population increasing day by day? The population of stray dog increase only if it gets the food to live, where it gets food? most of the food it gets from garbage along road side and some from garbage basket in every home. The only way to bring down the population of dog is to cut its food from garbage, which I mean we should always use closed container for placing our household garbage also we should keep our country clean. If each and every indian realise their responsibility of keeping country clean then automatically we dont see any stray dogs, cows, buffaloes along roadside in future.

I may hurt some dog activists by cuting food for such poor dogs, but we should do it. We should focus on hereafter quality in our pariah dogs not the quantity. In addition to that dog activists/professional dog breeders should show interest on enhanced/updated version of our mongrel dog just doing inbreeding/linebreeding/crossb reeding whatever it is.

Just also think about this alternative idea...


By: KamalRaj J Kuppal | 12 Aug 2010

Good one and nice thoughts but at the same time it is also possible (currently also we have adopted the process) to perform the birth control methods.The stray population is increasing due to uncontrol breeding and then they are thriving on the waste foods and material from our home,slaughter houses,markets and other source of easily available foods.Cows and other ruminent animals should be in the owner place or the places has to be outside any city and not within the city.Strict measurement can be taken to check these. In the countries like US or other western countries they have strict rules for these cases and no matter wht evr the breed and how cute or ugly it looks,they will place it in the pound if the animal doesn't have proper identification.

By: Trailokya | 12 Aug 2010

Sunil Tanwar
As per the all above discustion the indain dog breeds is god but everything is depend on the quality everyone wnts a batter quality its good to adopt the indian dogs there is now law for animals no one care for animals

By: Sunil Tanwar | 16 Jan 2011

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