All about Indian Breeds of Dogs

Our love for all things dogs comes home with Indian breeds of dogs. These fabulous breeds have existed for a long time and have amazing adaptability to the sub-continental environment.

Indian breeds have a rich history and have been developed over a period of time as sight hounds and scent hounds. Not only do they make excellent guard dogs for large homes, they are also ensuring the safety of the nation. We have heard stories of how Indian dogs, have thwarted numerous bomb blasts and terrorist conspiracies. Balaram, the dog who sniffed out ammunition en-route the Amarnath Yatra. Or canine soldier Bhavana who was martyred when unearthing IED explosives in 2002.

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has specially trained dozens of dogs. In the event of an earthquake, building collapse, these dogs are experts in searching out people trapped under debris. Research on the Indian breed dogs is also being done by the Indian Council of Agriculture Research with the aim to make them better and more beneficial.

The role of Indian dogs in various national rescue, defence and special forces, has brought these breeds into the spotlight. Some of these breeds are almost at the brink of extinction and a recent endorsement by the Hon’bl PM brings much needed hope and attention to these amazing breeds.

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