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Indian Dog Owners Must Get Their Pooches Registered With The Kennel Club Of India. Here's Why?

01 Jul 2017 | by | Posted in: Public Services

Dogs often get lost or stolen, especially puppies. Imagine your lovable cute puppy is lost somewhere on the roads, frantically searching for you. While you are pretty mad with yourself for being so careless and searching desperately for your cute companion. Dogs get lost more often than you imagine and it is only reasonable that you should plan for such a scenario. Even if your lost puppy is found by someone kindhearted and wants to return it back, it is not possible. Dogs can’t talk and it is your responsibility to plan some way that it can be traced to you. Microchipping pets is the answer to the problem.

Statistics show more than ninety percent of pet dogs in households across India are unregistered and have no association with any kennel club. Nor they have a microchip embedded in their neck. However, getting your dog registered is one of the best things you can do to secure your pup's future.


What is a microchip?

A microchip is a small integrated circuit chip which is implanted inside certain designated areas in pets for easy identification and tracking. A host of information related to the pet like the rightful owner and their contact information, the specific dog breed etc are encoded on the readable chip. It works on the passive RFID technology and can easily be read by a scanner.

Most dog owners while buying their pup seem to be least concerned about their registration with the KCI(Kennel club of India) and if they come with a microchip. Many think that unless they plan on taking their dog to a show, there are no reasons to get your Dog microchipped or registered. However, according to the recent guidelines of the Indian government, it is mandatory for all pet owners to get their puppy registered with the kennel club in order to exercise legal right on your pet. This can be beneficial if your dog ever gets lost, then micro-chip data and documents can be critical in bringing your dog back when he is found.

All owner data are stored in the micro-chip and this can be very useful to trace the owner. 


How can you procure a microchip for your dog?

You can fill out a dog registration form of the Kennel Club of India and apply for subscription of Indian Kennel Gazette. Upon fulfilling the requirements and payment of fee, you will be provided with a syringe with a small chip with the registered details inside it.

How is a microchip implanted?

A microchip is as small as a large grain of rice and is injected between the shoulder blades under the loose skin. It hardly takes a few seconds and is not a painful process.

How long does a microchip last?

A microchip does not require any charging as it uses passive RFID technology which does not require any periodic charging. When a scanner is passed over the implanted area, the microchip gets enough power from the scanner to transmit its data. Thus a microchip once implanted will last a lifetime.

How is a microchip better than a collar with tags?

A collar with tags can easily be removed, get soiled or can simply fall off. A microchip is more permanent and cannot be easily located and removed. However, a collar tag can be easily read by anyone and does not require a scanner.

How can one return a microchipped pet?

Someone who finds your puppy can take it to the nearest vet clinic or an animal shelter where the owner details can be scanned. The rightful owner can then be easily contacted.

Surveys state that microchipped pets have a 20 times higher chance of being returned to its rightful owners as compared to the others. A little bit of pain is required to give you a large peace of mind.

Apart from that, you can also get the upper hand on your neighbor or flat mate who regularly complains that your dog is a nuisance and should not be technically allowed to live in the apartment. If you are buying a registered pup, chances of hereditary diseases due to illegal mass breeding by 'puppy farms' also get lessened to a great extent.

So, do yourself and your pet a favor, get your puppy registered, it doesn't even cost much(approximately Rs500) to get the certificate and micro-chip. If you have been misled by your breeder about registration or you have adopted an unregistered puppy with no pedigree history, you can still get your unknown pedigree registered for safety without much hassle.

Check out an example of the KCI certificate which you will get at the completion of registration.

For further guidelines on how to get your puppy registered, check out this guide from dogspot.

Source : Pet Axis

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