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23 Sep 2012 | by | Posted in: Q&A

Last month I had found maggots in dog food and I was really taken aback, to say the least, because my 13 month old GSD - Jimmy was not eating well and was a tad fussy, most of the time looking at me as to say "do I have to eat this?". Pet owners are good at heart and emotional people.. for those who must be sneering...

It was due to this waiting that we noticed white, wriggly worms moving around and on closer examination found some of them coming out of the pellets. I sent photos and details to RC and they said it was rare but such things happened to a small fraction of dog food. The stool of Jimmy was not good and was almost jelly like for 2-3 days... which is a sign of eating infected food.

While the pets, who are so dear to us because of their unconditional love and care as well as short life don't complain about anything it would be worthwhile to ponder over whether we or our children would eat something like that. We can find brown/black grams infected with some kind of insects and we pick and thrown them out but even after that while washing we see some of the grams floating and discard them as well.

They sent a person to collect the food but he was acting LORD by calling me up over mobile and "directing" that I take the food to him. Imagine a pet owner or lover being hounded by the offender .. This smart guy called once and then became unreachable... wow, that's what they can do and get away with in India! Had this taken place in the US and EU they would have been in prison with all their facilities shut sealed or auctioned to pay for the damages.

Of course, they managed to locate the local vendor who is a vet who also peddles food and the smart guy called from there. My son took the bag containing around 6-7 kg of the feed and handed over. My son asked for replacement and guess what - he said "since you have used more than 50-60% of the food we can't give you a free replacement"...  They sell food range costing 5k onwards but can't replace a single bag of infected food!

Another thing readers may kindly make note of is the fact that so many who make they pile with animal rights like SPCA, BSPCA, Menaka Gandhi and so many advocates.. never even bothered to reply to the mail quite obviously they are looked after very well by these food suppliers.

Any others reading this article have experience of infected food for pets? Any suggestions?

Thanks and take care of your pet and yourselves..


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Navjot Singh
I remember the instance last year when I bought a packet of Canobites about 2 months after monsoon rain. The food was also infected with worms. I noticed it as we fill the content straight into transparent air tight containers and the worms were very easily visible at the time of pourring them into the bowl. If you notice any such food-contamination, you have the right to return the product to the pet shop and demand either a refund or replacement. It's best to demand a bill.

By: Navjot Singh | 27 Sep 2012

Amit Kaushal
This is happened to me aswell. I bought nutragold in last monsoon and by the time it was about to finish I noticed there were some brown maggots in the jar. I never expected this to happen so I never tried to inspect food but now everytime I bring dogfood I take a look at it. I do notice one thing, always buy small quantity of dogfood in monsoon because the moisture and other factors can help the maggots to grow in the food. I did it this year and faced no problems at all.

By: Amit Kaushal | 05 Oct 2012

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