[Infographic] An insight into the World's most overrated and underrated dog breeds!

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I own a pet Labrador Retriever and for me, she is the top dog. But do you ever wonder about the top dogs in the canine world? Have you pondered on which breed may be the most overrated / underrated dog breed in the world? David McCandles, in his book Knowledge is Beautiful, has shared an insight into the canine breed world and has some interesting observations. 

Best in show

In his research, David McCandles ranked 87 dog breeds and compared these breeds against the public popularity of the various breeds recognised by the American Kennel Club. David scored the breeds on the following data points:


  • Intelligence & trainability - Dumb / Clever
  • Longevity
  • Medical ailments
  • Living costs including the cost of purchasing toys / accessories, hiring pet sitters, kennel services and vet fees
  • Grooming convenience
  • Appetite and dietary requirements
  • Suitability as a family pet

The breeds were further classified in terms of their size - small / medium / large and also as per their breed group, namely:

  • Herding dogs
  • Hounds
  • Non - sporting
  • Terriers
  • Toy dogs
  • Sporting dogs
  • Working dogs

The key points that emerged from the study have been summarised below:

  • One of the finest dog breeds in existence are the Border Collies followed by Brittany and Cairn Terrier. Border Collies were rated highest in terms of intelligence, suitability as a family pet, high longevity, minimal medical expenditure and ailments and of course, easy grooming and upkeep.

Border Collie

Source: eBay Classified


  • The research study is solely based on the finding by David McCandles.
  • The data has been based on revenue reports from US
  • The breeds have been included from the list of breeds listed under the American Kennel Club.

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