Interview With The Owner And Dietitian At Doggie Dabbas: Rashee Kuchroo

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We're delighted to share what Rashee Kuchroo, owner at Doggie Dabbas has to say! We know all these questions she answered for us will help you feed your dog better.


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Here's the whole interview:

1) Hey Rashee! Please tell us what motivated you to start Doggie Dabbas and how you managed to make it such a huge success?


My dog's health was suffering, he had become overweight and his puppy white fur had become beige. I decided to cook for him at home, but I am very particular about the right knowledge. When i started re searching different foods for dogs I uncovered the shocking truth about kibble, the ingredients & the nutritional profile were nothing like what a dog should be eating. I vowed never to feed my dogs that ever again. After I switched my dog to fresh food we saw a tremendous difference in his health. A lot of outsiders saw a huge difference and began asking what we had changed. Thats when I decided to help other pet parents as well. 

I can credit my success to 2 things, a product that works and clients that care. My clients are extremely supportive and motivating. The difference my food makes to their dog's health makes me strive to work harder and come up with more and more recipes to help dogs. We live in a day and age where we barely have time to cook for ourselves, let alone our pets. Sadly this truth causes people to resort to kibble, this is where Doggie Dabbas comes in. We bring you all the love you get in home cooked food with the benefit of knowing that it is nutritionally balanced and customised for your dog's individual needs. 


2) Where do you think Indian dog parents go wrong while feeding their pooches?


Indian pet parents are always looking for a bargain or the cheapest food or the next discounted food item. We cannot feed our dog's like this. I always say you can spend on your pets food and let them have a long, happy and healthy life or you can give them the cheapest food and spend your money at the vet instead. Nutritionally unbalanced food creates a host of so many illnesses. Most people come to me at their wits end, saying the dog has been going to the vet repeatedly and they are fed up. With the right diet some of those dogs have not even been back to the vet. 

Another thing I find is this culture of "I have been keeping dogs for 20 years" This is very sad. Rather than listening to experts and understanding that this is their area of expertise people get caught up in having had dogs for a long time period. Definitely experience matters but there are some things that an expert might know and when I ask someone to make changes to their dog's diet I do not say it to make them feel bad about what they have been feeding their dogs, I say it to help the dog. 


3) Indians give 'doodh roti' to stray dogs all the time. But Indian dog parents are advised not to let their dog consume wheat or milk. Why is that?


Simply put, a lot of dogs are allergic to wheat and the symptoms are very easy to miss unless you know what you are looking for. In my experience I have found dogs who eat grains other than wheat also tend to have softer coats. 

Milk, most dogs are lactose intolerant. Many people call me and say when I give my dog milk he gets an upset tummy. When you can see the effect it is having on your dog why should we keep giving it to them? Milk is not harmful it is just not necessary. If my dogs are ever constipated I simply give them a little milk to help cleanse their system and thats it! Why should we use medicines for small issues when they can be easily solved with natural and easily found things. 

On a side note, I truly thank all those who are feeding our strays and I simply request them to give them more protein and less carbs. There are scavengers, constantly looking for food and protein is something their bodies are normally craving. Give them egg, chicken, paneer & curd, they need it! 

4) How to discipline dogs who have frequent tantrums with the food given to them? Such as they crave for additional flavor and very fast get bored, or they just wait in front of their good bowl for hours til you convince them to start eating.


This is a behavioural issue. On one hand I love that these people treat their dogs like children but we need to bring them up correctly. No one wants to bring up a spoilt fussy child. Would you let your child demand what they want to eat for every meal? No, then why do we let our dogs do that. 

The way to prevent fussiness is simple, 

Place the food in front of your dog. If he does not eat, wait 15 minutes and pick it up. Serve the same thing at the next meal. Do not give anything in the middle. No oh poor thing must be hungry just one bite. Its a little tough love but it goes a long way. A fussy dog will always have more health problems. Having said that please do not give your dogs the same thing to eat every single day! The nutritional profile should be similar as dog's do not react well to sudden changes but neither you or me could eat the same thing everyday for every meal for the rest of our lives so why would we do that to our dogs. I shudder to think about those dogs that have been fed the same bag of kibble for every meal for 10 years! 


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5) With your long experience in this field, which breeds do you think are the most obedient eaters and which ones are the most finicky?


Its not about the breed its about how the pet parent brings up the dog. But I feel people pamper the smaller breeds more often and that has given the Shih Tzu especially a very bad name in terms of fussiness. If anyone says the breed is a fussy eater they must come and meet my Shih Tzu. If brought up correctly any dog will not be fussy and if not brought up correctly even a giant St Bernard
can be fussy.


6) Would you advise dog parents to depend largely on packaged food or on homemade food?


I would say cook at home! What most pet parents will cook at home will not be nutritionally sufficient so if you do choose to do that make sure you speak to your vet about a multi vitamin to ensure your dog is getting all the required nutrients.  


7) Given your great expertise, what is your say on the nutrient supplements like the vitamin, calcium and biotine available in the market?


I do not use any such supplements. What I have mentioned above is not an ideal situation. Your dog should get all the required nutrients from the diet itself. All my clients are aware they need not give any of these supplements.  


8) Which fruits and vegetables have the most nutrients for dogs? Is apple really good/bad for a dog's health?


Too generic to say. Different fruits and vegetables have different benefits so I recommend them according to the problem. Yes apple is good, either buy organic if you plan to give the peel or then make sure you peel and remove the seeds before giving it to your dog.  


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9) Is there any short recipe you can share with the dog parents to beat the summer heat for their dogs?


I would like to address an issue here that a lot of pet parents face in the summer. Dog's suffer in the heat and they are taken to the vet who promptly recommends vanilla ice cream!!?? I do not understand why they would recommend that much sugar! So I am giving you a recipe that you can make and keep in your freezer and safely feed your dog. 

Tie the desired amount of curd for 2 hours. Squeeze out all the excess water. Mix in little honey. You can also put in mashed fruits. Freeze in a container and serve as a treat.  


10) Hair shedding is the most common complain dog owners have. Is there a connection to their diet which can help the dogs shed less?


Yes the correct diet is the best way to help a dog who is shedding. Excessive shedding is one major symptom of an incorrect diet. A dog's coat should be soft, shiny and smooth with minimal shedding. (With the exception of wiry haired or double coat breeds) 


11) Please tell us about your dog/s and share their favorite food with us!


Zorro - My 15 year old pekingese - my oldest fussiest dog! If he eats it most dogs will eat it! He like cheese and Chicken Jerky 

Sloppy - My 8 year old Labrador Retriever - my best friend, he is just everything to me. He will eat ANYTHING! 

Doobie - My 4 year old Lhasa Pekingese mix - The little dada of the house - he loves chicken jerky & liver it up. 

Bro - My 2 year old Shih Tzu - The brat of the house! - Loves jerky and liver it up too but he loves to eat!    


12) Anything you'd like to tell all the dog parents out there because, to be honest, all us dog owners feel lost when it comes to the proper feeding of our loved pooches!


Do a little research, understand the benefits of the right diet and implement it into your dog's life. Believe me when you see the changes in your dog you will be ecstatic. Do not be happy with your dog just surviving, at Doggie Dabbas we want your pets to THRIVE!  




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Happy Feeding Guys! We hope this information will help you feed your dog better. Looking forward to hearing your feedback below in the comments section!

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