8 ways to make a rainy day suck less!

13 Aug 2015 | by | Posted in: Wellness

Rain rain go away, Come again another day, 
Little puppy wants to play, Rain rain go away!


It’s an old nursery rhyme, but one of my favorites. I remember singing this whenever it would rain and my parents would make me stay indoors for fear of catching cold and not to forget all the dirty shoes I would bring inside the house! When Myshka, our four year old Labrador Retriever, came into our lives, I fully understood the meaning of the restraint that my parents would put. With kids it’s easier to keep them busy but with puppies and dogs it’s a different ball game all together.

Every day, when it’s bright and sunny, we take Myshka out for long walks and runs, but when it’s raining cats and dogs, activity time goes down and it reflects on her moods. I am sure that as a pet parent, you too would face similar dilemma when the weather Gods go against our puppies. Here are a few activities that I engage Myshka in when it’s all about being indoors! Not only does it keep her busy, it also keeps the blues away.

Hide – n – Seek

hide n seeek
Who doesn’t love playing hide – n – seek? If you have another family member at home, you can make a fun game out of it. Keep your pooch busy while one of you hides and calls out. If found, your pooch gets a treat and you get an excited dog ready for more fun!

Kibble Hunt

kibble hunt
Not necessarily a kibble hunt but it can be a fun treat hunt too! I hide pieces of apples, watermelons, carrots, blue berries, coconut, cucumber and eggs around the house and let Myshka find the pieces. Not only it makes her exercise her nose, it also keeps her teeth and gums healthy.

Tug of war

tug of war
Only I know how many of these I have had to lose so that my little one was excited to play more (she gets grumpy when she loses). For tug of war, I tie up an old t-shirt / bed sheet / pillow cover and give one end to Myshka while tugging on the other. Whoever holds on to the cloth the longest wins! 

Fetch my toy

Another interesting and easy to play game is fetch my toy. Using a small stuffed animal toy or a stuffed ball toy I throw it around the house for Myshka to fetch. A pointer, keep pieces of apples / cucumber / water melon (without seeds) handy as treats for good behavior.



While indoors, it’s also the best time to teach new tricks and commands to pooches. With less things to distract them, being indoors actually can be used to stimulate their minds through training and teaching.

Obstacle course


Nothing says fun like an obstacle course. For Myshka, we use a combination of mattress, pillows, toys, towels, chairs, tables and stools as an obstacle course.

Play dates


Socializing is always good – for us and our pups as well!

Interactive games & toys

interactive games
Popular dog product brands such as Kong and Karlie have devised interactive games that keep pooches engaged. The toys are generally a combination of blocks or circles that need to be strategically moved to get to the treat inside. It helps the dogs improve their motor and visual skills and also improve their problem solving abilities.

These are the few fun activities that I know of. Rains are also a great time to groom our pooches and check for ticks, ear wax and give them a dental clean up.

Do you have fun activities that you play with your pooch inside the house? Do share with us and spread the joy!

Image Source: Flickr / / Orvis / Dumpaday / Dogtraining tips guide / Wiki How / Kurgoblog / Playbuzz


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