Isn't it strange?

07 Sep 2009 | by | Posted in: Grooming

Isn't it strange, despite all the articles about puppy mills, pet shops, back yard breeders that people (most people) buy there dog/ puppy from a pet shop.

Pet shops are the main buyers for puppy mills and backyard breeder or anybody notorious in the dog world.

I really do not understand the buyers mentality when it comes to buying a puppy.

If a buyer visits a breeder, the ask many questions like

1) are the puppies registered

2) are the parents prize winners

3) negotiate price

4) see both the parents

5) see the kennels


from a pet shop they buy poor quality, unhealthy puppies at same or little bit more than breeders price.

What makes a pet shop puppy so appealing. Do buyers feel sorry for the puppy.

Pet shops keep atleast 40% mark up on puppies.

If I was a buyer I would certainly visit a breeder and buyer. This way I don't risk infection etc.. plus a good breeder would never sell a puppy to a pet shop as they have a ready stream of customers at hand. A good breeder would stand by a puppy. Most pet shop owners do not know the history of the puppy.

With diseases such as Corona and parvo, which is prevalent everywhere buyers should be careful especially where many litters meet. A good motto is


This means, it takes 1 sick puppy to infect them all. Parvo can stay alive for 7 months on the ground and is resistant for most cleaners. This means any healthy puppy coming could get infected. The vaccination is not good protection for a puppy unless it is specifically meant for puppies (see other articles that I will write later)

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