Jitin and Magi- Fate has its ways

28 Jun 2013 | by | Posted in: Story from Pet Lover

This is may seem a story right out of a movie script to some but stranger things happen in life rather than fiction. This is one of those tales; Jitin Agarwal a professional from Mumbai is an ardent dog lover who always wanted to adopt a pet. He has been feeding dogs for a while now. The condition of strays stuck a cord with Jitin, there was no one to help them.  The first step towards giving a dog a home was registering at WSD (Welfare of Stray Dogs), a Mumbai based organization that helps to rehabilitate stray dogs to loving families. He had to wait for almost six months before anything call but he says that it was worth every day.

Then the wheel of fortune of turned and one day Jitin received a phone call WSD. One woman had seen a puppy purposefully dumped in a drain while on a journey from Worli to Virat and took this puppy home to ensure its safety. She was just too young to even defend herself.

jitin pet adoption storyThis bundle of joy was to find her way into Jitin’s home and heart. He says, “I received a call from WSD in Mahalaxmi that they have found an abandoned puppy who was at the moment in foster care. I jumped at the opportunity and welcomed Magi.”

Jitin is pro adoption; he believes that it brings in immense joy that you are giving a loving home and care to an orphan. He says that when you get your pet it is your individual choice. There are a lot of people who would only want to have pedigree breeds at their homes. He says. “I personally love Labradors and Pugs but then I get satisfaction with the fact that I have adopted a pet and I am helping someone live a better life, who would not have been able to do that without my help.”

He does believe that there is no difference in terms of care when it comes to an adopted or pedigree breed. The care and patience required is same for both breeds. Jitin adopted Magi when she was just three weeks old. He says, “it took me almost one year to understand her. It was a vice versa situation with us . It took her almost the same time to understand me as well.”

The difference can come when you adopt a little older dog. He or she may need the time to adjust to their surroundings. One has to always remember that if it is difficult for you then it a little more difficult for your pet. Just treat them with love, care and patience

So what is the message that you want to give people who want to adopt? Jitin believes that one should adopt a stray that looks unhealthy or needy. These pups are never picked in a line up. “A dog does not need anything just give him love and respect and never be ashamed of it. Be proud of your dog even when it is a stray.” says Jitin. The needs of a stray or a pedigree are not different if you give them love and affection then you will be awarded with unconditional love and lifelong companionship.

Jitin believes that it is not necessary to run campaigns to promote pet adoption. “It is your personal preference. This comes from within; if you want to help an animal in need then you just go ahead and do it. There are no second thoughts to that.” says Jitin.

Magi is like a child to Jitin. She means the world to him, he says that there are times when she drives him crazy but then he loves her with all his heart and any inhibitions just vanish away when he looks at those adorable eyes. He says, “My relationship with Magi is weird, she sees me as a guy who just loves to nag her, someone who irritates her when she is sleeping or just while eating.” It is Jitin parents who love to pamper her.

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jitin agarwal

By: jitin agarwal | 29 Jun 2013

Kaushani Ghosh
its just a joy to see an angel like magi get a such a nice home god bless you two and WSD..

By: Kaushani Ghosh | 14 Aug 2013

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