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25 Jun 2009 | by | Posted in: Events

This is just a general question, i have many friends in India now who show their dogs and i met quite a few last show season when i was over there. I was asked if i could reccomend a very well respected championship judge, but I was told by many that if i ever wanted to Judge in India, or reccomend a another well respected championship judge, that we would be told by the committee to place certain dogs and not others, now dont get me wrong i know how the dog world works i've been in it nearly 10 years, 50% is fair juding and the other 50% is unfair. At the end of the day we all pay for the judges opinion and still take our dogs home at the end of the day.


My question is however, how can i give someones name forward to judge whom i know has traveled the world judging at top championship shows, and is also is a very well respected friend of mine, when i've been told that they will not be able to put-up dogs they choose, they will have to do as they are told?  Is this true? Can some one please tell me if this happens at some of the shows in India?

I kindly would like  your reply's and opinions on this.

Kindest Regards

Karen Kemp

Bohmere Boxers U.K.


Anil @ DoggiesDude
Such things happens often all over world and sometimes things are blown out of proportion too. Please contact KCI for info on how to invite judges.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 27 Jun 2009

Warren Chang
It happened to me over a place. The judge and I got real friendly afterwards, and he mentioned by email:

I wanted to give a CC & best of breed to your dog and even inquired to buy your dog. Due to outside influence I was not able to so i did not award any dog CC to your breed that day.

By: Warren Chang | 27 Jun 2009

karen kemp
Thanks for your comment Warriec, it is such a shame that some judges are afraid of outside influences so much that they will not place the dogs on the day that they think are deserving of an award.

By: karen kemp | 27 Jun 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
i guess that every kennel club in cities where the shows are held decie themself whom to get as a judge. depending upontheir budget etc.. so the clubs affiliated to KCI should be contacted. Not sure but i guess the ADMIN would be having accurate info.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 27 Jun 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Yea sometimes overseas judges are afraid to go against. I know one incident in which the judge did not listen to the words of organisers and was left at airport when departing without confirm ticket and the judge had to pay the excess from his pocket. I still have the email from that foreign judge..Vowed never to come back to India to

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 27 Jun 2009

Priya Shergill
Judges being asked not to exercise their opinion, Judges being pressurised and punished for not doing as they are told - where is all this coming from? To be fair to both sides, I do believe there is always no smoke without fire and it always takes two hands to clap. Boxers or Labrador Retrievers imported from America and Judged by an English Judge - does it make such a difference? I am sure the English Judge has judged internationally and is aware of the different standards in both countries.

What is shocking is that we in India are being accused of unfair practices. Before we hide behind the shroud of what is being practiced in other countries, we need to do a little introspection and investigate where we actually stand in this matter. The KCI must take a proactive stand and go deeper into the subject.

By: Priya Shergill | 05 Jul 2009

Warren Chang
Clubs are mainly involved in this game. They are the ones who influence the judges. I can go on and on and on, on how they have put ppl down. Even have a video of some good instances.

By: Warren Chang | 05 Jul 2009

Priya Shergill
Is there any way I can view this video?

By: Priya Shergill | 06 Jul 2009

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