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Keep Your Dog Healthy

03 May 2013 | by | Posted in: Wellness

The Dog is the God of frolic. – Henry Ward Beecher

I really don’t think that it is a coincidence that God spelt backwards is dog. The two have lots in common. They only know how to give. They know not about expecting and taking something in return for their undying love and loyalty for you. They expect nothing but your attention.

Dogs are the best gifts to mankind from God. They are adorable, loving, sweet, and faithful. They bring happiness with them and are the delight of households. They can make you smile even in your worst mood and give you a reason to feel better. Just by looking at them you can feel satisfied and complete.

Your dog gives you so much. Isn’t it only fair that you at least give him half of that love and care? Don’t you think it is your responsibility to ensure that he is healthy and happy? You should take care of his diet and his health so that he doesn’t suffer because hey, no dog deserves pain. Dogs are such special and beautiful creatures that you should make sure pain does not even linger around them. How can you ensure that? There are several ways.

happy dog

Learn about these ways and give your dog the best of everything so that he is healthy, happy, and delightful.

1.    Food. This is an obvious point. Only when your dog eats well will he be healthy. Make sure he eats the right dog food, thus. You will find numerous dog food options to explore in the market. If you are confused or if your dog is sensitive, you can ask the vet to recommend dog food. Otherwise, you can pick from any of the famous brands. There are many different types of dog food based on age and breed. Choose accordingly and feed him well.

2.    Your house should be completely harmless. You might not realize it but there are many potential dangers lurking in your house. For example, there are a few houseplants that can be very dangerous to dogs even though they are safe to humans. There may be cords lying low that your dog may chew on. There also may be small objects that are easy to swallow. Remember that dogs are extremely curious and determined. Don’t underestimate their determination at any point. Keep any potential hazards out of their reach to ensure their safety. You definitely don’t want to run to the emergency with your dog howling in pain, do you? Keep him safe.

3.    Make sure your dog gets exercise every day. Yes, it is very important for your dog to get exercise daily because proper exercise will avoid a number of problems such as obesity and health issues. Only when he is physically fit will he eat well and grow well. Physical exercise will also relieve him of stress because dogs are bubbling with energy. They need to channelize that energy. If they don’t, they can get depressed and irritated. Other benefits of proper exercise are improved circulation, strong bones, mental stimulation, toned muscles, and so on.

Dog Exercise wth Ball

4.    Heat can take a toll on your dog. He may suffer from dehydration, sunburns, and heat stroke. During summers, don’t make him overexert himself. Exercise should be minimal and you should take him out only early in the morning or in the late evening so that he doesn’t have to face the harmful sun’s radiations. Don’t take him out on asphalt floors because hot asphalt can burn his paws. Also, don’t ever leave your dog in a parked vehicle. A parked vehicle can heat up very quickly and suffocate your dog. ( Help Your Pet Beat the Heat )

5.    Play with your dog. When you spend time with your dog and play with him, he will be very healthy. Teach him new tricks and buy him new dog toys to engage in. The toys should be appropriate for him. Buying a large bone toy for a small dog is sheer stupidity. Don’t do that. There are many toys in the market that are age- and breed-specific. Make sure you buy the right toys accordingly. Also, make sure the toys are safe and durable. This will stimulate his mind and keep him engaged. Bored dogs can easily get frustrated. It is important to keep him hooked to some thing or the other.

6.    Take your dog to the vet every year. One annual checkup per year is an absolute must even if he seems very healthy. If he suffers from a problem you will of course need to take him for checkups regularly. The vet will perform a complete checkup to check how healthy he is and whether there are any underlying health issues. It is always better to prevent potential dangers than putting your dog through pain and curing them. You can also ask the vet about pet care tips and ensure that he is healthy at all times.

7.    Groom your dog regularly. Grooming your dog is just as important as feeding him and ensuring exercise. Unclean nails, eyes, ears, and teeth can invite a number of infections. These infections can be very dangerous. Groom him regularly and brush his coat so that all infections are at bay and he is healthy. There are specific grooming tools that you could pick based on your requirements such as nail clippers, toothbrush and toothpaste, ear cleaners, brushes and combs, and so on.

8.    Keep the bugs at bay! Your dog can be the breeding ground for harmful ticks and fleas. These will suck on his blood and cause him a lot of pain. They will also cause diseases. There are anti-flea and anti-tick products that you could use for your dog. There are flea combs, powders, collars, and shampoos that you could choose.

9.    LOVE HIM! Love is the best medicine. Your dog deserves all the love in the world. He craves for your touch, your attention, and your time. Give all that to him and he will be extremely happy and healthy. Dogs that don’t get attention from their owners are often depressed. That can take a toll on their health. Talk to him, love him, play with him, and pat him lovingly.

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