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Kiki is one of the most world renowned brands when it comes to producing quality bird food for a various bird species such as parrots, budgerigars, macaws, finches along with many other. This European giant of bird food was founded in 1965 and was started by a manual process and over the years modern technology has been incorporated in the production and as of today the company boosts of having one of the best technology for storing products, treating and preserving seed in its in- house facility.

The Kiki GZM production plant is one of the most advanced plants in the world. Kiki was started by an aspiring entrepreneur D. Gonzalo Zaragoza and till today they have carried his vision forward of producing completely natural products while giving the customer optimal quality products at affordable and competitive process.

Kiki ensures that the optimal quality seeds are selected for their product and administer it right from the place where it was bought, how it was treated and harvested. The USP of the brand is that they never accept grains that are either damp or oven dried, this is done to ensure that all bird food retain its freshness and nutritional value.

After the grains arrive at the facility or the warehouse, a team of technicians from Kiki analyse every batch of grain to ensure and guarantee origin of the products and its derivatives to ensure that the premium quality food is provided to all birds.

It is this meticulous approach and guaranteed quality of the produce that has made Kiki one of the most trusted brands with bird breeders in Spain. The aim of the organization is to continue its innovative research and design new and innovative ways to perform quality tests on the produce and ensure that there are no compromises made in quality of the bird feed.

The state of art Kiki facility thrives on cleanliness and if there are any changes required in the schedule there are changes made almost immediately to ensure optimal quality feed. Quality is the pillar of this European Giant the company repeats the cleaning process multiple times till they achieve the desired level. GZM proudly claims that every seed that leaves the plant has been cleaned at least three times through the various processes such as re-filtering, suction and polishing.

Kiki specializes in producing quality feed for caged birds and rodents. Latest technology is used to store seeds and ensure optimal quality. So much so that the production system of the organization is standardised and is checked on regular basis by an authorized personnel.

GZM penchant for quality has urged them to develop their own technology for the treatment of seeds that has been derived from a research carried out in Chicago and Rotterdam University. This has been specially derived for the breeder and ensures that there is an eradication of various pathogenic micro-organisms from the grain.

The presence of harmful pathogens will help to maintain the health of all birds that held in captivity, while ensuring that the nutrition value of the seeds is maintained at all times. At the moment Kiki has a substantial brand presence in more than 30 countries across the world.

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