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Kitty talks - Decoding pet communication (Part 1)

04 Jun 2015 | by | Posted in: Wag News

We begin our series on Pet Communication by decoding Cats and their means of communication. Cats are known to meow, purr, hiss, growl, get an arched back and wag their tails, but does anyone really know what our feline friends are really tyring to communicate? We thought it will be a great idea to decode pet communication for experienced and new pet parents and we begin our series by understanding the body language of cats - our graceful, charismatic elegant friends.



  • Most adult cats meow as a form of communication
  • A meow may express a greeting or a call for attention
  • It has been studied that the more one communicates with cats, the more they meow in response.


  • Cats purr when they are happy or content. If you can feel a cat purr when they are getting a back massage or a tummy rub.
  • New mothers also purr to comfort their kittens
  • A cat may purr if it is unwell or in pain

Hissing / Growling

  • A hiss / a growl is generally a warning sign from the cat
  • It mainly communicates that a cat may attack if provoked any further
  • Generally happens when a cat feels danger or feels that a human / another pet may cause them harm

Ear wriggles

  • A cats' ears can display different things
  • Forward and upwards ears - relaxed and happy cat
  • Straight and forward ears - attentive
  • Twitchy ears - nervous

Arched back

  • It means that the cat is scared or on the defence


  • Used to mark territories
  • Paws cntain the scent glands
  • used to show affection when they paw or knead their  humans

Tail wagging

  • Arched tail - scared cat
  • Straght and puffed tail - angry cat
  • Straight and tilted tail - happy and friendly

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"An ardent writer, a devoted pet parent and a foodie at heart, I believe life is all about new experiences and expressions"

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