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From where the Bull mastiff Originated

25 Aug 2009 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

The bull mastiff has come from the cross between English mastiff and old bull dog. This breed was created to deal with poachers. In today’s era this breed is family pet which provides companionship, protectiveness to the family members.

The size of the male bull mastiff varies from 110 pounds and it will go up to 140 pounds. The height varies from 25 inches and goes up to 27 inches. Females can reach up to 120 pounds and in height they can reach up to 26 inches.

Source: en.wikipedia.org

As far when we talk about the color quality of these dogs they are of any shade of red and brindle and yes they are also of fawn color. The range of color can vary from a deep red to a light red mixing with the fawn that is often referred to as a red-fawn. A black muzzle is a must with the black fading away towards the eyes and dark markings around eyes lending to the expression.

Bull Mastiffs are very lovable, loving, loyal, brave and calm dogs with those it is familiar with. Its protective instinct is very intense and it will defend its owners against anything or anyone it thinks is a threat. Bull Mastiffs tend to get extremely attached to their families and are happiest when they can live in the house with them. One more advantage of the Bull Mastiff is that they don't bark much which makes these good apartment dogs.

I am Garima Jaiswal a dog owner and of course loves to talk about mastiffs and want to share her experiences with every one.

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