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Kong is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to toys for both your canine and feline friends. They not only produce quality products but their continual innovation in products has seen them getting patent for their rubber toys as well.

Kong was the brain child of Joe Markman, who single handedly started Kong in the year 1976. Kong came into existence more as a need of one man and his pet than a pre-planned product. Joe had been troubled for some time because of his German shepherd. He had started chewing rocks and it was becoming really bad for his teeth. He wanted to create the perfect pet toy that would bear the incessant chewing and will satisfy the chewing urge of the pet as well.

This experiment took almost six years before it reaped any results; it was at the end that he was successful in making the perfect dog toy that was made with natural rubber. It was almost the perfect chew toy for your dog. In the subsequent years Kong Toys gained and have still been gaining unprecedented popularity across the world and today even veterinarians have started recommending them to cater to the constant chewing.

Kong Rubber toys have not only caught the fancy of customers across the world but have been a hit with trainers and dog experts across the world as well. The classic Kong toy looks like a snowman. If you look at it you will feel that three balls have been pushed into it together.

Kong toys have been color coded to ensure a toy for every life stage and this makes it easy for the end consumer also to choose the perfect product for their pet. The blue and pink toys are for puppies, red is for standard chewing, the black toys have been specifically made for tough chewers and the purple is for senior dogs, who have trouble with their teeth.

The prolific list does not end here they have manufactured and sell various dental chews, ball and floating toys across the world. they also make Frisbee and Squeaker toy for dogs and cats. As of today Kong toys are famous all over the world. In 2005the book Planet Dogs quoted in its publication that the Kong toys were the best toys that are available around the globe.

At present there is a separate line of toys for cat also these are called Wubba toys to keep your cat busy for long hours. Along with this there are other toys that offer catnip, scratching and other different toys especially made for your cat.

KONG Classic Medium
Rs. 975 Rs. 824 15%
KONG Classic Large
Rs. 1,290 Rs. 1,276 1%
KONG Wobbler Large
Rs. 2,050 Rs. 2,047 0%
KONG Extreme Medium
Rs. 1,205 Rs. 959 20%
KONG Goodie Bone Large
Rs. 1,582 Rs. 1,050 34%
KONG Stuff A Ball Red Medium
Rs. 1,410 Rs. 1,227 13%
KONG Classic Small
Rs. 793 Rs. 785 1%
KONG Tails Medium
Rs. 1,095 Rs. 821 25%
KONG Tails Large
Rs. 1,250 Rs. 938 25%
KONG Tails XLarge KONG
Rs. 1,335 Rs. 969 27%
Puppy KONG Large
Rs. 1,040 Rs. 1,005 3%
KONG Dental Stick Small
Rs. 625 Rs. 600 4%
KONG Dental Stick - Medium
Rs. 930 Rs. 698 25%
KONG Aqua Dog Toy Large
Rs. 1,160 Rs. 1,000 14%
KONG Ball Medium
Rs. 1,299 Rs. 1,298 0%
KONG Flyer Dog Action Toy
Rs. 1,920 Rs. 1,919 0%
Puppy Goodie Bone KONG
Rs. 765 Rs. 764 0%
KONG Wobbler Small
Rs. 1,630 Rs. 1,310 20%
KONG Dog ZoomGroom Raspberry
Rs. 1,020 Rs. 900 12%
KONG Dog ZoomGroom Boysenberry
Rs. 1,020 Rs. 1,016 0%
KONG Bounzer Dog Toy Large
Rs. 1,645 Rs. 1,449 12%
KONG  Off/On Squeaker Bear Medium
Rs. 1,020 Rs. 1,019 0%
KONG Scratch Apple Cat Toy
Rs. 850 Rs. 599 30%
KONG Scamper Cat Toy
Rs. 1,015 Rs. 731 28%
KONG Cat Zoom Groom For Cat
Rs. 720 Rs. 243 66%

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