Labrador Training: Fun and Easy

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If you want to go about Labrador training effectively, you should begin with understanding the breed. Labradors are extremely cute dogs. They are very attentive, very friendly, very lively, and carefree pets. They love playing around and they love it even more when their master pampers them and showers his affection on them. They work very hard to please their master and this makes these dogs even more lovable. Alongside, these dogs are known to be very intelligent. The icing on the cake is that they are considerably easy to train. While some breeds are very hard to train because they are so stubborn, Labs can be trained very easily. On your part, you just have to dedicate yourself to the training. If yours is an adventurous family that loves the outdoors, you will love having a Labrador around because just like you, Labs love the outdoors. They are highly energetic and every time you take them out, they will wag their tails in evident delight.

When trained, they make the most wonderful pets but when untrained, they can wreck havoc and never listen to you. They will do what they want and make your life hell. Trained dogs are disciplined and livelier and thus, you should learn Labrador training for the welfare of your dog as well as your family. Since they are active dogs, they need a lot of exercise. One huge mistake that many Lab owners make is not giving them enough exercise. As a result, Labs will become uncontrollable in the house. You have to take your dog outdoors to let him channelize his energy right. Another mistake is not giving enough time. Honestly, if you didn’t have the time, what prompted you into adopting a dog in the first place? It is imperative that you spend quality time with your dog. If you can’t do that, don’t adopt a dog at all to begin with. The third mistake is losing your temper. You HAVE to be patient with your dog or he will never learn. If you lose your temper and yell, he will get scared and subdued. Not cool. These are the basics to keep in mind.

Explained below is Labrador training in detail:

As aforementioned, training a Lab may not be tough but that doesn’t mean it is a breeze. You should know how to go on about it and go through with successfully. Many people fail to train their dogs because they don’t know how to start. Others start but leave it in the middle because it is exhausting and they are very impatient. Ignorance and lack of patience will take you nowhere. Training will take time. You should learn how to do it and give it all the time. Listed here are a few great tips that will help you out for sure:

Start with housebreaking

No matter what breed you choose to buy, you have to start off with housebreaking. Otherwise, he will make your home his potty station and poop all over the place. Right from the time he enters your house, he should be taught that his bathroom is not inside the Dog house but outside. Especially in the case of a Lab, you should start right away! Here are the two main steps for potty training:

1.    Your dog will show certain signs that he needs to do his business such as sniffing the same spot over and over, and circling. If you notice such signs, you should take him out immediately. You should be extra careful about this during the first nine weeks because this is the time duration in which he will learn where his bathroom is. It might be hard work for you in the start because you will have to take him out once in an hour and after every activity such as eating, sleeping, playing, walking, and so on.

2.    When he listens to you and goes potty where he is supposed to, praise him as much as you can. Pet him and smile at him, say words like Good Boy or Good Doggie so that he knows he did the right thing. If you praise him, he will be more likely to go to the same spot the next time he has to pee or poop.

Be very consistent

You have to be consistent for a very long time if you want your dog to learn. Also, you can’t change your commands every now and then. If it is NO for you, all your family members should stick to NO and not other variations such as DON’T or something else in your mother tongue. You have to keep repeating the same commands for your dog to learn. Also make sure your Dog training sessions are not strenuous. They should be fun and engaging for your dog because dogs tend to get distracted very soon.

Be extremely patient

Along with being consistent, you should be patient. It is not about teaching him something for a couple of days and letting go after that. Labs are a lot of fun but at some point even these lovable dogs can get onto your nerves. Don’t ever punish him or beat him. EVER! Teach him with your tone. If he does something wrong, look at him straight and say NO very firmly. When he does what you want him to, praise him, and give him a treat.

Be positive

Instead of being bad to him when he does wrong, be good to him when he does right. A positive approach is a better way of teaching your dog. At the same time, being nice to your dog will help you strengthen your bond. He will love you even more and be willing to do whatever you ask him to. Dogs that are punished usually become scared, subdued, and lonely. Some dogs even suffer with serious depression. You don’t want to do that now, do you? Thus, you should adopt a positive approach for Labrador training and that will help you a lot!

Follow these tips and your Lab will be the BEST dog in the world.


Romil Tripathi
thanks this i i good tips on labrador dog

By: Romil Tripathi | 19 Jun 2013

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