Life's Too Short To Not Have Fun - Quips Hunter, The New Brand Ambassador For PetaCom

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As the doorbell rings, there is a clatter of paws on the marble floor followed by a booming bark. When the door opens two droopy eyes full of love and inquisitiveness greet you followed by a quick sniffing inspection of your handbag which is promptly taken inside the house. It’s not a dream, it’s how Hunter - a 2.5 year old St Bernard and the new Brand Ambassador for PetaCom greets people when they come to meet him.

As you are aware, Hunter was a part of the largest Pet Convention organised by Pet Federation of India at Dilli Haat, New Delhi and won the Fashion Show that was organised at the event. It was during the felicitation ceremony at the event that Hunter was given the prestigious oportunity to be a part of the campaign as the face of PetaCom. We at DogSpot had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Hunter, who despite his size is a warm hearted and a loving dog,  to know more about him

Hunter profile

Hunter at Home


DogSpot: Tell us a little about yourself. How and where did you meet your parents?

Hunter: First of all, thank you for all the back massage that you gave, it was wonderful and comforting. I am a two and a half year old Saint Bernard. I met my parents - Neha and Kanwar Bhanu Pratap - when I was five months old at a place where I used to stay with my then family. The family I was staying with was moving to Canada and could not take me along with them. Neha (my mum) had been in love with me since the time she had met me, but it was definitely a big decision to make to bring home a giant dog breed like me. But I guess it was fate and we bonded so well with each other that there hasn’t been a day when I or my parents have given a second thought about their decision to bring me home.


My mum and dad think I am a very sensitive yet sensible a dog. For instance, my mum suffers from low blood pressure and since she is the one comes along with me for my walks, we both look out for each other. I somehow always come to know that she will have a low blood pressure episode and my sixth sense helps me take care of mum by not letting her go out of the house at all.

Hunter In CrownThe King of the house

As a dog, I am extremely lovable and caring in nature and I dot on my parents. They mean the world to me. I have a couple of close friends - both humans and other dogs - whose company I really enjoy. I love meeting new people and making new friends. My calm and sweet temperament has made me quite popular in the social circle of my parents too! I am lovingly invited to parties and get togethers and well! my charm makes me the star attraction of any party! 


DogSpot: You are an avid traveller and have been on many trips with your parents. Which is your favourite holiday spot and why?

Hunter: I love to travel. My parents are wonderful companions especially when on trips. As a ritual, we take vacations twice a year - once when it is extremely hot here in Gurgaon and once when when the weather becomes nice and cold. Since I am a dog of the mountains, the extreme weather of Gurgaon is something I am not particularly happy about.


hunter rock climbsHunter in Nainital

For my vacations I have been mostly to hill stations like Nainital (my first ever vacation), Chandigarh, Shimla, Sariska National Park, Landsdowne and Dharamshala. I have fond memories of being in Nainital because that was my first vacation with my parents. The weather in Nainital is absolutely beautiful and so are the people! I remember meeting so many people in Nainital who would come pat my head and click pictures with me. It was a wonderful experience. 

Hunter at dharamshalaHunter Enjoying The Serene Beauty of Dharamshala

If I have to pick up my favourite vacation so far, I would say it’s Dharamshala. I had gone to Dharamshala in the month of December and it had snowed a little, the resort where we were staying was beautiful and serene. It was the first time that I had seen snow and all I wanted to do was play outside and not go inside the room. I will let you in a secret - given a choice I would stay in Dharamshala, its wonderful in there.


DogSpot: Are you single? How many friends and girlfriends do you have?

Hunter: I am very much single. I do not have a girlfriend yet, but I have a lot of friends. There are two Indian Dogs outside my home who  are my good friends. I go for walks everyday and meet a lot of other pet parents and am friends with their pooches. I am a regular at Dogs Day Out events and at Cafe Canine and have many friends there.


Hunter - Goofy And NehaHunter Goofy and Proud Mum Neha

My grandparents have a dog called Goofy who is my good friend too. Even though he barks a lot, he has a good heart and does not bother me much.

hunter and goofyHunter and his friend Goofy


DogSpot: Are you are a socially active dog? Where all can our readers connect with you?

Hunter: I am a social and an active dog. I have a Facebook account that is managed by my mum but I am more of a “social offline” dog. I follow stories and articles on pet and animal care but I prefer meeting dogs and people in person. 



DogSpot: For you, what is an average day like?

Hunter: I am an early riser and so my day begins at 5:00 Am. My mum and I have a good regime set for everyday. I need a lot of exercise to stay fit. Mornings begin with a 4 km walk followed by a good healthy breakfast. Once mum leaves for work, I spend my time with my dad till its time for him to leave for work. I am quite confident in staying home alone for a couple of hours, so I spend them lazing around the house. My favourite place in the house is the backyard that we have. It is nice and cool and I love to sit there or take a nap.


Once mum is back, we again go for a walk and the catch up with my friends who have also come out with their pet parents to walk. 


DogSpot: Everyday we read on social and print media about pet parents abandoning their pets and attributing it to various reasons. What are your thoughts on the same?

Hunter: I have read about so many stories pets being abandoned by their families due to various reasons - whether its about them relocating to a place where they cannot take their pets along or whether its due to the simple fact that the pup grew up to be a big dog. It’s really sad to read up on such stories. I think the core issue here is that when families bring us in their lives they think of us as “just a dog” who would probably not understand what’s happening around us. On the contrary, we are highly sensitive beings who also have the same range of emotions as humans do.


The problem of abandoning pets will reduce if and only if pet parents will think of us as a family and not just a dog. Till that realisation sets in, there will be many more pets being abandoned on the streets and in shelters.


DogSpot: What are your thoughts on adoption of pets rather than purchasing them from dog breeders?

Hunter: I am an ardent believer of adoption of pets rather than purchasing them from Dog Breeders. When you adopt a puppy, you are bringing home a bundle of joy and providing him / her a loving and caring home where he / she can have a good night’s sleep on a full tummy and in a warm bed every night without having to worry about anything else in the world. 


As a part of my endeavours with various events, me and my parents have been proactive about  spreading the message of adoption of puppies rather than getting them from puppy mills. It is good to know that many humans are now coming together to spread the message.


DogSpot: What all roles and responsibilities will now be a part of your role as a Brand Ambassador for Petacom?

Hunter: As a Brand Ambassador for PetaCom, I think one of my main responsibilities will be to spread the message of increasing awareness amongst people that it is good to adopt pets.  I am yet to receive a schedule of my overall roles and responsibilities but I am really excited about being a part of such a wonderful initiative. You too can follow my professional career through my Facebook profile 



DogSpot: Now with new responsibilities, how will you manage your personal and professional lives?

Hunter: I think having a mum who is so cautious about my daily schedules is a boon. With newer roles and responsibilities coming in, my parents will play a vital role in ensuring that there is a balance between my personal and professional life.



DogSpot: Have you participated in any Dog Shows?

Hunter: As a matter of fact I have. It was last year that I participated in the dog show. It was the very first time that my mum enrolled me into a DogShow. We plan to be a part of one this year too and hopefully I will win a few awards as well.


DogSpot: What tricks and commands do you know. Did you go to a Training School for it?

Hunter: My mum is my trainer. When I came into this house I was 5 months old so my mum enrolled a dog trainer who would come to the house, take my for walks and he did teach me basic commands like sit, down and stay. However, I think he was intimidated by my sheer size and left.

Hunter knows his trciksHunter displays his tricks

It was then that my mum who took over the task of training me and she is the best trainer I have had. She has taught me a lot of commands but my favourites are speak - where i bark only when asked to, shy - where i cover my eyes because I am feeling shy and hug - where i give the best St Bernard hug ever! I also know how to roll over and shake hands.

hunter at pet fedHunter at Ped Fed - Dressed Up As Sherrif Hunter


DogSpot: You are a celebrity now. Does WagTag come with more importance to you?

Hunter: I am not a registered WagTag user, though my mum has ordered one already. But I do have an embedded micro chip in my shoulder that is traced back to my mum. I am also a registered canine under the Kennel Club of India. 



DogSpot: What is your mantra in life?

Hunter: My mantra in life is simple - life is too short to not have fun!! I think there are a few important things to remember to be happy: Be with people who are positive, happy and loving; Short naps will keep you fresh as a daisy and hugging a dog a day will keep all your troubles away! Just go out there and have fun!!

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