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Use of Lifts by Dogs in Multistoried Housing Societies.

30 Apr 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

My Group Housing Society  is 9 storied having about 250 Flats in it. There are about 40 t0 50 homes having pet dogs.

There are many stray cats also in the society.

Occupants of other Flats are very allergic to dogs and spare no attempt to ridicule the dogs and their owners.

One of the main problem is people objecting to the dogs being taken in the Lifts. It is very inhuman and cruel to take the dog and its owner twise a day or more by staircase especially when both of them are old.

Is there any law by which we can tell these people that they can not stop pet dogs from using the the lifts alongwith their owners?


Are they lap dogs or what? People afraid of big dogs and their canines.
There is no such law but keeping big dogs at apartments may cause problem for dogs, owners and neighbours. Thus only keep lap dogs and apartment dogs at apartments.

By: Ansh | 30 Apr 2010

It's a small, very gentle, Indian Spitz dog.

By: AK CHATURVEDI | 01 May 2010

Just as a cortesy to people who may be afraid or medically allergic to dogs you should take it in the lift when there is no one else in it - but I agree it is not fair to stop a person using the lift with his dog and very cruel for old people and old dogs

By: Vikram | 01 May 2010

We do understand the fear some people have, and we avoid taking the dog in the lift, if any one else is travelling in it. But, our main problem is the insistance by Society members that no Dog should enter the lift at all.

By: AK CHATURVEDI | 02 May 2010

I have faced the same problem.Believe me in such cases in every society there wud be some jerkhead who of all the problems in the world would select to concentrate on such petty matters...Well as long as your dog is leashed you can take him anywhere around the society,whether its the garden,any other special area or the lift.besides just tell all the the dog owners who are facing this problem in ur society to tell that they have arthritis,they cannot take the stairs and if they leave the dog alone in the stairs to climb down its dangerous to the society members...i did just that.....Its illegal for them to ask any member even if they are tenants to not use the lift,unless ofcourse either the dog is causing problems like pouncing on others and such things which also can be controlled by putting a muzzle on them...

By: karuna | 07 May 2010

Please please please make sure u do not succumb to what the society says as this is not legal....and in co-operate housing society laws even minority decision has to be counted,and here as you say alot of them has dogs,it should be a problem at all to just explain to them that they cannot take stairs for health reasons and dogs cannot be left in the stairs alone for the safety of other society members...besides just do one thing when u see somebody is getting in the lift u dont get in the lift if at all it scares them,wait for a while and get the lift just for urself if possible...

By: karuna | 07 May 2010

I know one old lady who has one old dog....Both of them are too old to climb their 4 storied building...so they use the lift...but at the beginning everybody was like "Awa..a dog in lift!!"..."How can a dog use a lift??!!"...etc etc. The lady lodged a formal harassment case against those people stating that the dog is part of her family & she (the dog) has all the rights to use each & every facility that was promised to be given to the owner of the flat & his family for which they paid (including lift & garden). The lady also stated that it is totally inhumane to force a 10 yr old dog & her 70 yr old owner to take the stairs when they have paid for the lift. The lady won the case & they now use the lift everytime they wish to go out for a walk. Yes, she tries to avoid using the lift if somebody who is scared of the dog is already in the lift. She didnt give up to the unjustified demands of others and U should not also give up. Say firmly that being a part of ur family ur dog has all the rights to use the lift.

By: Runni | 10 May 2010

I think I have read about one should case - a family was being harrassed by the apt society . The people finally got in touch with PFA & sued the society& won . if things get too unbearable pls speak to PFA for support & further action . There are laws that protect .

By: DoggieDawg | 10 May 2010

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