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Lights, Camera Get A Dog!!!

16 Jul 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Beethoven!!! I’m sure a St. Bernard popped in your head when you read the first word as for the longest time in my childhood, I would look at a St. Bernard and call it Beethoven. That was the impact that the movie had on me and many others and led to a rising popularity of that particular breed.

Here we are citing a few examples about how the movies have influenced people to get a particular dog breed.

Movies and television have always been a mode for people to feel motivated to do something inspiring. We know the impact that Taare Zameen Par made on a lot of people to change the way they look at special children. It was, as many people term it, a 'revolution' that changed the way parents expect a typical future out of their children. Just as how people were influenced from such movies, many were influenced to keep a pet after watching movies about dogs.

Marley and Me, influenced people to buy Labrador Retrievers. The movie depicts how Marley, the dog in the movie helps in uniting the family. This movie made this particular breed so popular that its demand around the world rose. Another movie that gave rise to the popularity of Labrador Retrievers is the Indian movie ‘Teri Meherbaniyan’ starred by Jackie Shroff. The movie talks about the relationship between Jackie and his dog and the canine's undying loyalty towards his master. ‘Moti’ the name of the dog in the movie was played by a black Labrador named Brownie. This movie gave rise to the demnd of black labradors and its popularity rose to another level. A lot of people agree that the impact of the movie was so strong that they started idolising ‘Moti’ and got themselves a black labrador.

Golden Retrievers, as a matter of fact became popular after the television series ‘Bigg Boss’ where a  Golden Retriever was sent in to keep the inmates occupied. A close friend of mine, wanted to get himself a Golden Retriever during the same time of the year and talked about how difficult it was to get one since they were gaining a lot of popularity during that time. “I had to wait for over a month and had to pay double the money to get myself a Retriever during this time since they were gaining a lot of popularity because of "Heaven", the Retriever in  Bigg Boss” says Ridham, a dog lover.


Heaven in Big Boss

A movie that I that influenced me as a kid to get a dog was Beethoven and the 101 Dalmatians. Shalabh, a resident of Pitampura, Delhi got himself a Dalmatian in 2009 after being highly influenced by the movie 101 Dalmatians. He has always been a dog lover, but he was influenced by the intelligence of this particular breed. “I’ve always wanted a pet, watching 101 Dalmatians influenced me so much that I convinced my family to get one. I was intrigued by their intelligence and their loyalty towards their masters. Bruzo has been in my family for over 5 years now and he is the most pampered member of the family. My love for him is never ending” says Shalabh.


Shalabh with "Bruzo"

How familiar are we with Pugs. They gained a huge popularity after the Hutch advertisement which was designed by Sandip Das, the CEO of 'Hutch' that time who featured his own Pug in the advertisement. Getting influenced by his elder brother, Sushant Das got himslef a Pug too. Soon after the advertisement, this breed became so famous and almost everyone wanted to keep them. "It is the cutest breed of all and the most convenient for us since we live in an apartment. Coco is the apple of everyone's eye" says Rohan, son of Sushant Das.


Sushant Das with Rohan Das and "Coco" Das"

Its very common for people to be influenced by television or movies and when its so easy for them to be influenced for fashion, movies and television also influence people to own pets.

If you too own a pet, after being influenced by a movie or a television series then you can write to us about it too.

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