My little angel - Jersey

29 Jun 2011 | by | Posted in: Story from Pet Lover

I remember it was two years back that on 10th January 2009, I adopted this very handsome beagle not a pure breed though, somebody had abandoned that little angel and I adopted him from a shelter home in CR Park, Delhi. He had the most beautiful eyes in this world, expression that melted my heart.


I started calling him with different names he didn't respond to any of them, but I kept trying. So when I called him 'Jersey' he immediately responded, thats how I named him Jersey. In a short span of time Jersey became an intregal part of the Das family. Jersey has been the most calm, lovable, friendly, charming and adorable dog on earth, so welcoming and most importantly a loyal friend, who would make sure that you are never alone.  He will be your shadow wherever you go kitchen, terrace, bathroom, he wouldn't leave you alone till the time you go off to sleep and wake up to see him sleeping right in your arms.

Years passed I realized that my baby was growing old, I remember having seen Marley and Me I couldn't stop crying. Jersey and I had gone through a lot of ups and downs but we held on to each other through and through until the angel of life fell terribly sick. Yes my baby passed away the on 15th of June due to severe jaundice, I promised him that Mamma's will not let anything happen to him, my son fought valid for almost a week but the medicines and drips took a toll on him. My baby couldn't take the pain anymore he closed his eyes in Mamma's arms again but this time Mamma was wide awake and my baby went to off to sleep before me. I am sorry my child I tried really hard but just couldn't help you. But Mamma is going to do a lot for all other animals who are suffering and who need a home. Baby you gave us a reason to understand how helpless animals are irrespective of the fact that they love you unconditionally all they see is your heart and nothing else. It doesn't matter to them how rich or poor you are , whether you have a car or you don't. All they want is your love and attention and in return you are going to have a friend for life. So I request all the people adopt pets, help them find a home and be rest assured that you are bringing home a lifetime of happiness. I speak from my own experience I have adopted more dogs now and will never back out. I wish you find a lot of Jerseys in your life as well.


Very touching.....tears for Jersey...A year before, I was also tried to buy a pet, but when going through Friendicos site, i decided to adopt a dog and i did it from a shelter. A lab of 2.5 yrs..& as your Jersey became the part of your life, my Artu is also our part of life. We can't think to be without him and also wherever i go, he follows..and waits for me in evening and greets me happily. And till that time many abandoned pets got adopted through me by the good people. So like Jersy-- Artu, Julie, chunmun have changed the lives as well as mine and others.

By: Bijal | 30 Jun 2011

Seepika Jauhari
Very Touching indeed !!

By: Seepika Jauhari | 30 Jun 2011

Shivani Agarwal
even Im a dog lover and cried throughout your story. I m 16 and have a pure beagle which I so lovingly brought 3 months back but unfortunately due to problems at home I curse myself for having to give it away now..i really love him and in a way..i think its destined to be with me..we gave him to our friends twice but due to some or the other reason he alwayz came back. The problems at home are growing. I would have never brought it if i knew this was going to happen. I just dont have a heart to give away my baby but the situation is such that i cant help it. I dint know it was sooo hard to find a loving and perfect house for him. Reading your story, I feel that you will be the right person to contact. It will be a big gift for me if you take him or suggest me someone who will keep him well. I will be really grateful to you.
Shivani Agarwal
Ph- 8009953521
i await your reply

By: Shivani Agarwal | 03 Jul 2011

Hi Shivani, it will be a pleasure..I shall call you tomorrow!

By: Joylashmi | 03 Jul 2011

Shivani Agarwal
I didnt get your call today so was just wondering if you're interested in helping me through this hard time. I'll still wait.
Thanks for your reply though.

By: Shivani Agarwal | 04 Jul 2011

Hi Shivani, let me know when you come to delhi. I will wait for your call.

By: Joylashmi | 07 Jul 2011

Ankit mittal
salute 2 Joylashmi

By: Ankit mittal | 07 Jul 2011

Vasanth Kamath
Respected Madam,
Hats off to you .. I myself am a dog lover and have a female beagle at home.. I understand how it gets along with all the members of the family.. Even I share the same sentiments as you when it comes to dogs.. My condolences on what you have suffered over last month.. May it not restrain you from the noble duty that you are doing..
vasanth kamath

By: Vasanth Kamath | 11 Jul 2011

Shivani if you have found a home for your beagle then it is good. Otherwise, you may contact Kamna Pandey #9918659000 through whose contact I had adopted Bozo, a white male abandoned/lost Spitz of about three years then last October. You may give her my reference. Or you may even call Mr. Anil Tiwari (Doggiedude) at 9044098055. Kamna and Anil are both from Lucknow as I am.

By: gspal | 27 Jul 2011

Thank you so much people, i think the only thing that connects us is our love for dogs and they truly deserve a lot of love. God bless them all.

By: Joylashmi | 04 Aug 2011

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