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18 Jul 2011 | by | Posted in: Events

When you get a Dog  home it binds you more to your family by giving all of you his unconditional Love and Affection. Having a Dog teaches responsibility and tolerence to children.

What should you look for while picking up a Puppy?

I think when you look into its eyes , it should be able to communicate with you !

Funny though this may sound , besides things like pedigree etc which in my opinion are not the only important  things , there is a certain demeanour in the Dog which gives out positive energy .

I have been looking for the right kind of Dog for my home , every time it seems like we are on a Dog Seeing mission and something or the other doesnt click..My daughter beleives that there will be an emotional connection with the right one. I asked her out of jest , that if she finds an emotional connection with a Mongrel , what then ??

She told me without a moment's hesitation.  I dont mind him if there is an emotional connection.

So I do beleive that there is always that special Dog meant for you so take your time to select the right one  and with some luck and prayer he will make his presence known !! Is it too " Dil to Pagal hai style ". Well cant help, after all Dil to Pagal hai !!


Avinash Gehi
i m very touched by ur caring for dog so if ur interested i have a female greatdean she is just 3 months and 15days old

for any further queries u can call me at 9987017731 my name is avinash u can call me ne time before 430pm

By: Avinash Gehi | 26 Jul 2011

hey we finally found a dog meant for us !!Its a cute fawn lab with mischief written all over his eyes
Though I did not want to buy a young dog ( he was only 35 days old which meant behaviour problems like biting etc ) my dad and my daughter emotionally blackmailed me into it !
He is now going to be 5 months and is adorable , naughty and intelligent
Loves to play hide and seek , understands 3 languages , sits in the bird bath at any given time and can get himself wet in a bowl of water !
I strongly feel that God sent him to us

By: Anita | 07 Nov 2011

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