Low Grain or Grain Free Dog Food in India

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India in many ways evolve like the developed countries and in many ways it is different. We have seen India following some foot steps of the developed countries in the consumption patterns of products and specially consumable products. The global trend in dog food is moving towards more advance dog food. People are more consciously reading the ingredients and decoding the same. Most generic dog food's usual ingredients have grains in them. Let us understand what are grains and why they are important or not so important for dogs. How can we compare the same with us humans.

Grains are usually Complex Carbohydrates structures and a good source of energy. When we call them Complex it means that they are slow to digest and may be more difficult to digest. Slow is not bad- because it will release energy slower and can sustain for longer time. Some dogs find it difficult to digest grains and it is called intolerance to grains. This intolerance means that the dogs can have hot spots, itchy paws, gas and may be diarrhea.

Comparing with humans- Amylase is the enzyme which meets the carbohydrates when we chew the foods with grains in our mouth. Amylase is present in our saliva. When we eat chapatis we chew them and mix them well with amylase. Dogs do not have cheeks and have under-developed molars and pre-molars. The process of rolling in the mouth and grinding is missing in our canine companions. However amylase enzyme is added further down the digestive-track unlike humans and it is not as efficient and effective like humans. Thats why some dogs may show unhealthy symptoms with grain rich diets.

Dog Foods which are no grain are easier to digest and generally have higher protein. Grain Free dog food is more healthy option for our companions 🐶

Lets check out about the options available in India for the grain free diet.


Farmina- Natural & Delicious:

Farmina N&D have good range of Grain Food Dog Food available. We were able to find the Farmina Natural & Delicious Grain Free Canine dog food at most of the outlets and on online channels also.

  • Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Mini & Medium- 7 Kg
  • Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Maxi- 12 Kg
  • Chicken & Pomegranate Adult- 12 Kg
  • Fish & Orange Adult Medium- 12Kg

Farmina- Natural & Delicious Pumpkin:

  • Lamb & Blueberry Puppy Mini- 800 Gm, 2.5 Kg & 7 Kg
  • Lamb & Blueberry Puppy Medium & Maxi- 2.5 Kg & 12kg
  • Chicken & Pomegranate Adult Mini- 800 Gm, 2.5 Kg & 7 Kg
  • Chicken & Pomegranate Adult Medium & Maxi- 2.5 Kg & 12kg
  • Lamb & Blueberry Adult Mini- 2.5 Kg & 12kg
  • Lamb & Blueberry Adult Medium & Maxi- 2.5 Kg & 12kg
  • Codfish & Orange Adult Mini- 800 Gm, 2.5 Kg 7 Kg
  • Codfish & Orange Adult Medium & Maxi- 2.5 Kg & 12kg


  • All Breed Adult- 6 Kg & 11.4 Kg
  • Large Breed Puppy- 6 Kg & 11.4 Kg
  • 6 Fish Adult- 6 Kg & 11.4 Kg
  • Puppy- 340 Gm & 6 Kg

Cost and Availability: Costing varies, depending variant and the pack size

  • Farmina Natural & Delicious ranges from Rs. 681 to Rs. 790 per Kg
  • Farmina Natural & Delicious Pumpkin ranges from Rs. Rs. 566 to Rs. 775 Per Kg
  • Orijen ranges from Rs. 657 to Rs. 799 per Kg

Farmina N&D (Natural and Delicious seems to have the largest range of Grain Free food available in India and it is available with all major pet store and veterinarians. We were also able to find N&D full range available on Amazon and few other online stores including


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